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The Birth of the White Dragon

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKKJS9LvzGc (Just some music for the read.) The night sky sparkled like the sea, the moonlight clashed with the ocean as the tide rose driving up the bank, few were alive in the dead of the night as the moon drifted through the night in Port Hachou. The sounds of guards armor shuffling could be heard in the town square as a mans voice shouted out, “Get that thief!” Adorned in all white a tall man holding a box filled with valuable gems could be seen escaping the scene, with haste! The man fled through the market, kicking the legs out from under a fruit stand he created the opportunity to scale the smithy, making a dash for the docks the guards were back on his trail cutting him off on the rooftops he had nowhere to run, as the guards cornered the thief they began to close in on him, keeping weary as they drew closer prepared to apprehend the man before they knew it flames began to rise underneath them. The ones that could jumped back as they looked to the rooftops noticing more men dressed in white running off a black liquor on their hands, averting their attention to the ground they’d notice the barrels that surrounded them, one of the guards shouted out, “It’s a trap!” but it was too late ...Boar… Horse… Tiger! A great ball of fire shot from what appeared to be the mans mouth. As it ripped forward through the now deceased guards, creating a violent vortex the flame grew as it traveled toward the guards quickly igniting the barrels a loud explosion could be heard from the town, as more guards arrived they could see the culprit as he stood upon the rubble, the flames died down, fabrics that were strewn from building to building fell to the fire drifting behind the man almost as if they were wings before burning away. The guards couldn’t help but stop and stare in awe, the lead of the guards mumbled… “The White Dragon.” birthing the name of the pirate legend. The man vanished from their sight before they could even comprehend what was going on.

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