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hidden leaf [Event Ended] The Tournament Arc - Begins!


Congratulations to the tournament winners!

@Podra, of organization Tatami! [bracket level 1-15]
@Kagari, of organization Mirage Sanctum! [bracket level 16+]

These ninja have brought huge honor to their respectful organizations, in the first player-driven tournament in Shinobi Story's History!

Special thanks to @GutZ and @fattwhite6 for organizing this event!

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The First Konohagakure Tournament

As the title states, the community decided to host our first Player driven tournament! The benefactor of the first ever Konohagakure Tournament is none other Fattwhite, the current leading player in terms of raw levels. Those willing to pitch into the pot are welcome to do so at the time of the tournament! That being said here is the current time the tournament will be held at: 18:30 GMT +2 on the 2nd of October. Exactly five days from the making of this post!


The rules of the tournament are simple! There are two brackets! First being the level 1 to 15 bracket, and the second one being the 16+ bracket. Once you've been called to take on your opponent the first one to get the other one under 500 health loses and you will proceed to move up in the bracket! The last one standing at the top wins! 

The CURRENT Prize Pool: 4.5 Ryo per bracket

Please state your full character name under the post so we know the rough estimate of players willing to attend. Best of luck, train hard till then and don't forget to hold the Will of Fire by your side!

This event has ended. 

Congratulations to the winners: 

@Kagari of the Mirage Sanctum & @Podra Uchiha of Tatami!!!



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It will be very early in the morning for me, so I can't promise I won't pass out during proceedings.

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