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Hiya, i'm Grimm

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I'm new to this whole rping thing, so it takes me time to figure it out lol, as for my details their... Like anime, I like going on hikes, drawing although I suck at tech drawing, and I used to do martial arts before covid, I am a black belt. As for likes, I like chocolate, bananas and popcorn. My dislikes are pretty small, olives, the raw dates used in date squares, and I do not like sourkrout. As for my ninja, in game I'm hoping to play as Grimm or something close to Grimm, maybe even my secret name which I will keep as a surprise. I like playing games like this, and hope it gets a lot better, maybe it will rival WoW or something someday... What else should I mention?... I like cats, but also like puppies... And basically in game I am known to be quiet, cause I am figuring out a game and letting my friend or roommate watch so I usually avoid rping as such people like to disturb me except at night lol. 

Other things, I like drawing on tech, the thing I learned is I can draw my ocs as Naruto characters finally... As for other details like age etc, I prefer not to say I mean I am old enough to use WoW, ShinobiStory when it comes out and even GTa V so thats good enough to prove my age, good day or night ^-^

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help! The RP community loves to teach new folks to RP. But as always, it isn’t required. Have fun!

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