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Welcome to the Aether Event.


This event will be: Scavenger Hunt!
You will get a reminder on voice chat or a reference to this page on the day.

I will EDIT one of my posts to have a SINGLE word that has NEVER been written by me in ANY other post than that specific one.
You have to find this post and show me that you found the word inbetween one of all the posts that I have made doing my time on the forums.

The rules are simple:

1. Find the word that I specify in #Updates on Discord on the day of the event.
2. Do not VISIT MY PROFILE from the 14th till the end of the event.
3. You must take a screenshot, highlighting the word SOMEHOW together with the URL for the post and DM it to me DIRECTLY on Discord.

The Event will be held on the 16th this month at 11PM GMT+1. 2pm Pacific Time.
I will be available in voice chat.

The price prize is: 25dolla Gift Card.


This event will be: Short Story!

That is right, two events at once.
This event will be as mentioned, a competition to make SHORT STORIES.

You will write your short story and it will be PUBLICLY available for reading.

The rules are as following:
1. It MUST NOT have ANYTHING to do with NARUTO or any other ANIME.
2. The Short Story MUST be atleast 8 pages AND above 4000 words in length. (A4, standard Microsoft Word settings)
3. The story MUST be posted on THIS thread.

4. Keep it PEGI 16 guys, okay?

Above is assuming 1 page is 500 words.

The event will stop taking entries the 31th this month, 23:59:59 GMT+1.
Giving you 27 days to write.

Possible to be extended should enough want it.

The price prize is: 25dolla Gift Card


AetherBagel out

Edited by Aetherweaver
Thatonedud figured me out >=I


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