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Event is held AFTER the Premium Ninja Discount!


Welcome to the First Aether Event
Sponsored and held by Aetherweaver

In accordance to the amazing Winter's Veil Festival, the Xmas of the Weird People, the Birthday of a SUPER old and dead man who may or may not have lived but probably did and was considered mad by the Romans and of course, the something jewish.
I am in charge for nobody knows why, in charge of a lovely Winter Event held by me.


But -FIRST-, lemme figure out what to do cause idk and you guys probably dont know either so I picked some stuff for you to chose from. Ain I nice?


Go ham or go home

It ends Wednesday the 30th, 18:00/6PM GMT+1


Price is Prem Ninja doh, so yeah.
Better participate >=(

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I go ham.

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19 hours ago, Nisshomaru said:

I voted for scaveger hunt thru posts 

You bring me such undeniably physical pain



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