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Name: Sorimachi Sarutobi

Age: Past his prime, getting on

Affiliation: Sarutobi Clan

Occupation: Shinobi

Shinobi Disciplines: [???] [???] [???]


Physically: Graying and of a slight build, Sorimachi's presence can hardly be described as striking or even imposing(As it is so often beneficial to any Shinobi worth his or her salt), even if there are certain disquietening traits to his person;

- Eyes that are normally green and soft acquiring properties that some some would swear by feeling like having one’s very essence pierced by a furious hail of arrows within a literal “blink of an eye”.

- A posture that borders on unnaturally straight and taut, so much so that the younger generations of Sarutobi have long joked about even Sorimachi’s measured breathing occurring only at his behest, no more and no less.

- He dresses conservatively, for practicality and well within his means, with hair cut smartly(lest it is used against him in a foray or mission) and his only concession to “fashion” or even personal taste being a neatly trimmed moustache.

Psyche: Even though deception is almost second nature to all Shinobi, Sorimachi has only cultivated it out of necessity and to better serve the interests of his Clan, being described as a straight-talker by most(if not all) accounts.
He is not driven by deep desires and ambitions that would see him commit great acts of violence, in the same way, he is not given to grandiose displays of mercy and benevolence, instead measuring his conduct and actions in the way most Sarutobi have been taught to.

“What would benefit the Clan the most?”

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