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-Basic information-
Name : Raigagetsu Nickname: Rai
Clan : Clanless Family : Orphan
Age : 20 Height : 1.95 cm
Place of birth : Unknown Current Affiliation : None

Red hair,a darker shade of red on his mask and wide red eyes,clear white skin.

-His story-
Many people ask,no one knows the answer.
Lucid dream,the reality.
Raigagetsu was known for being a victim of a genjutsu curse.
He has been cursed by an Uchiha Elder.
He wanders around while he is half asleep.
Alot of time has passed since the incident.
He knows what he is doing,but he doesn't.
His eyes open wide,his mind terrorized.
His doings clear,his thoughts in a deep fog.
He does not have an opinion,he does not have a wish.
He is what he is,and nothing can change it.
Raigagetsu,the wanderer.


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The story has a poem vibe - I like it!

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