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April 4 stream notes

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Assembled here are some of the things learned from today's stream and post-stream party over on A2's twitch, along with some answers to the questions asked by players to staff (ft Vlad, Dan and A2) over on discord. I may update this thread several times in the next short while because A2 is still streaming and he and Dan are still answering questions while Vlad had to go deal with some IRL stuff.

All answers are paraphrased because I'm not a professional transcriber.

Regarding why the stream was a bit of a mess earlier: a developer didn't finish what they were working on on time, so showing off the spells was omitted.

As a tertiary note: Vlad will be uploading a dev blog to showcase some of the things that couldn't be displayed on stream earlier.


Downloading the game;

Q: "Will we be able to preload the game before the 10th?"

Answer by Vlad: Yes. The launcher will be available on the website before the game's launch so that people can download it in advance.


Regarding immersion;

Q: "Is there a possibility of turning off the UI nameplates so that peoples names don't appear over their heads?"

A: The three devs in discord talked about it briefly, A2 did some testing, it's possible to implement. Vlad likes it. Suggestion seems to be approved.


Q: "How many outfits are available? Is there much customization in the alpha?"

Answer by Vlad: I don't have an exact number of clothing items on hand, but there are several clothing options. Note that clothing and weapons are exclusively cosmetic and do not have stats, so there's no min/maxing your stat priority with clothing.


Q: "Is the weather dynamic? Are the nights properly dark?"

A: A2 did some more testing on stream, showing off torch in the dark. It's being done. Night time approved. As for weather, there's three different types of rain (light rain, heavy rain, thunderstorm) were the 3 examples provided by A2.

A/N: Sorry about the shitty screenshot, I was just screencapping the stream, no insider insight from me.



Regarding combat;

Q: "Do the natures counter each-other?"

Answer by A2: "Not really, so that people don't feel compelled to build for resistances (water to counter Sarutobi and fire users for ex)." No notes on this for roleplay fighting though, standby.


Q: "How many spells per mastery?"

Answer by A2: 5 per mastery right now, actives and passives. Priority right now is on getting all of the announced masteries in and functional before adding more spells.


Q: "What about taijutsu, does it need a mastery?"

Answer by Dan: "Taijutsu is a basic skill; everyone has it. There are no current plans at making taijutsu or gates a mastery."


Q: "Will shadow clones be able to use jutsu?"

Answer by A2: "75% yes."


Q: "Can you cast jutsu while jumping and running?"

Answer by A2: "In some cases yes."


Q: "Is there double jump?"

A: "No, but the normal jump height is much higher than baseline."


Q: "Are there going to be any holidays like the Sakura Festival?"

Answer by Vlad: Yes. And we're looking into how to implement changes around the world for holidays (such as how WoW and FFXIV load up some preset decorations during certain holidays).


Regarding add-ons;

Q: "Will add-ons such as bartender and totalrp be permitted?"

Answer by Vlad: "Yes."

(Authors note on this: because of the intrinsic differences between SS combat and WoW, I foresee most of the non-UI add-ons not to work anyway because they were made for WoW proper and not with SS' combat system in mind..)


World/map size;

Q: "How big is the SS world?"

Answer by A2: "The playable map available in alpha is 3x the size of Elwynn forest (picture as an example)." He'll look into providing us with an answer on world size in kilometers.

A/N as someone who played WoW a lot: the playable field is gonna be pretty big.


Getting around;

Q: "How will travel work? The world is pretty big."

Answer by A2: "There are a lot of mobility spells and the travel is ground-based. There are no plans for mounts at this time. Walk/run/jog/leap around. Maybe we can look at creating some kind of taxi system."


Regarding clans;


Q: "Could a large enough player made clan be recognized by the lore and get their own custom kekkai genkai?"

Answer by Vlad: "Yes. It won't be easy to pull off though."


Q: "Do the clans have unique abilities, other than the Uchiha with the Sharingan?"

Answer by Vlad: "Yes. For example, the Sarutobi have the Will of Fire." (No elaboration on what it does though.)




Q: "I foresee random perma player kills being a problem because not everyone interested in the project is interested in roleplay or has read the rules, along with bug/balance issues in an alpha. Is there a possibility of not implementing it?"

Answer by Vlad: "It's possible. We'll discuss not implementing it for the Alpha based on player concerns." He also commented that it's not as necessary for the alpha because there's going to be a wipe (supported by the server/games story) for the Beta release anyway.


Q: "Where are the servers hosted?"

Answer by Vlad: "France. The servers are really good, and I don't have any latency issues even when connecting from the United States."

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Lord's work indeed. Good to see something in writing!

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Updated with a few extra questions.

My thoughts so far after speaking with Vlad, A2 and Dan in discord for two hours and watching A2 test stuff live to see if a suggestion is possible is that the staff team is really open to feedback and suggestions. The only complication in regards to some suggestions is being able to implement them in a timely manner while also developing core systems.

Immersion and roleplay based suggestions, concerns, feedback, etc are well received.

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Really love the commitment to the community that you've shown here Kizo, thanks for that :).

As you said, we're always open to suggestions, feedback, any sort of criticism, we only ask that we're given some patience and understanding in the development process. This is a huge endeavour for all of us, and changes in real life circumstances/burnout can happen to any of us at any given time. We're fans too, though. We share your disappointment when things like this happen.

Thank you to everyone who attended A2's stream afterwards and gave feedback/allowed others to have their say and give their input, was really nice to see!

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4 minutes ago, Shaka12 said:

You really remembered all that... xD

Hey, I did need Gutz to remind me of 2-3 things!

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Major props. Good resource for people casually keeping up with updates; would be cool to do more interviews like this if you're willing! 


Keep up the good work! 

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34 minutes ago, Vlad said:

Major props. Good resource for people casually keeping up with updates; would be cool to do more interviews like this if you're willing! 


Keep up the good work! 

I'm happy to help whatever way I can; my semester got cancelled because of the pandemic so my schedule is totally clear for better or for worse.

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