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A wild ninja appeared!

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Hi everyone my name is kreshua but everyone can call me Spirit! 

 im a big fan of Naruto general and im happy to be a part of this big community of Naruto!

my favorite games are Dota2,Warcraft3,world of Warcraft,LOL 

my favorite series are Naruto,One Piece,DBZ

well I live in Europe/Kosovo/26 years old 

im a prodigy when it comes to games  , im a friendly guy we can have lot of fun together im also here to help with anything and cant wait for the release

lets go ninjas!

with love - spirit

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27 minutes ago, Nisshomaru said:

Welcome aboard!


10 hours ago, tweego said:

Welcome to our family!


23 hours ago, Aniki said:



23 hours ago, BloodyDoll said:

Welcome to the promised land where everyone is a prodigy. Or are they?

I hope your story brings you to.. fun times and maybe even a cookie or two. 



thanks all for the warm welcome ❤️

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