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Found 31 results

  1. You want dat RP? I got dat RP. This Saturday, I got RP. Big RP. Like, several hours of RP. Pretty cool huh? So come for dat RP. All Roleplayers interested should poke me either on Discord or Here with their ingame names. Be online at 8pm GMT+1. 2pm est. If you don't like dark stuff that is borderline PG 18, do tell before Saturday or I just won't care about you because I already gave you a chance to voice your opinion. So deal with it AetherDM out. P.S. You can DM me on Discord if you wanna risk dying. I don't judge.
  2. Hey there ! I'm making this post to introduce to everyone a must-have for any RP player : Total RP 2. Made by Telkostrasz for World of Warcraft WotLK, this add-on offers a more in-depth customization of your character infos, such as RP first and last names, titles, custom classes title, creating custom quests and items for player-made events, and much more ! It also gives the opportunity for players to play sounds/music for their RP's ambiances. All in all, if you plan on doing some RP on the server, this addon will be your best friend. And following in the spoiler, the link for download + the description from the OG Dev. HOW TO INSTALL ? In your Shinobi Story directory, there's a file called "Interface". In that same file is another one called "AddOns" or something in that variation. All you have to do is "Open the archive you downloaded earlier and drop its content in [AddOns]". If everything went according to instructions, when launching your game, on the character selection screen, Total RP will appear in your addons list. EDIT: Special thanks to Dan for finding a up-to-date Total RP2 version, which offers more character personalization !
  3. my Idea is once all the base 5 jutsu natures are in the game add an additional option to let the game generate a nature randomly to add more dynamic rp options. Maybe also an option where if you already have a bloodline like uchiha you are slightly more likley to get a specific nature. if anyone else has any suggestions or thoughts feel free to add to this.
  4. IC: Your nearest innkeeper gives a description on a fairly short lady, probably in her late fifties or early sixties. She wore a simple brown robe, and had a clear line of gray hair. Given the old timer had paid the innkeeper in kind, the innkeeper offers you the own drawn map with the added information and lets you know that you know that you are searching for Miyusa if there is any interest. IC: The travelling dojo moves on. After Miyusa's lengthy session with the monks that steered wind up in the mountains, she had found a trustworthy guide to bring her down to the nearby port village from which she would soon travel towards Yokohama in search for more lessons of these unfamiliar lands.. OOC: This current event will be RP-PVP based. Don't worry, i'll explain everything beforehand! just make sure you have picked up your weapons, jutsu and rice patties before you get there! We will remain in-character throughout the event, but the duels are going to dictate the winners. Event location two: Early birds time: 6pm 4/22/2020 server time, mountain temple!! --- Tournament time 7pm 4/22/2020 server time., Yokohama!! (Edit: That is the cherry blossom town, pink trees!) May you be interested in practicing your roleplay, or want to show off your legendary skills. Everyone is welcome to participate or help or even hang out. Hopefully it will be fun together!!! If you're too eager and can't wait for the explanation on what we're doing, you can go to this following post and read the little column after "Roleplay-PVP".
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