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Found 8 results

  1. Samo


    samo is my name , like naruto i do , finish introduction i will .
  2. Spencer


    Hello fellows, I'm new here. Not new to RP, but fairly new to RP in a sort of MMO like this. I really like it though. I've been a fan of the Naruto world, even if it can be pretty inconsistent. I play a good few tabletop RPGs as well. Usually two nights a week. I'm not sure what else to say? I'm here to have fun, plan to enjoy myself, and help create enjoyment for others. Let's intertwine paths and help create some interesting stories to tell.
  3. What i have is not a dream, because it will become a reality! Im going to restore peace among the world that is my goal, my name is Mirasaki!
  4. Hello! I'm Amalkamis (both here and in Discord). I'm 36, and I've been a big fan of Naruto since the beginning and up until Boruto. My favorite clan in the Narutoverse is, as it says, the Nara clan. I wish Kishimoto has shown more Medic style Naras, or at least expanded upon Nara's apothecary skills more as they are world renown according to the data-books. Hopefully the Nara clan, or atleast, their abilities are available upon release. I may wait if it's on the horizon as I'm not against having patience to RP and play as I want in this new world. I've Roleplayed for about two decades, starting over in Teneria during the ancient times of the Yahoo! User Chat rooms (Teneria for Teens, Ayenee for Arts and Entertainment, and Eden for Games). Starting off as a decent Type 2 style combatant, then learned more advanced forms like Type 1 and finally Type Superior (lord why lol). From Heraldric Swordsman to Galactic B-boys, Immortal Saiyans who've crossed dimensions to Crystal Style Nara users, I've enjoyed lots of stories, smiles, tears (yes I said tears...) and anguish, I look forward to continuing my personal story arc as I join a new troupe. I look forward to great times and empty ramen bowls with you all, Amalkamis ?
  5. This is my introduction to shinobi origin, I'm Gabriel Bauer I'm 13 years old and I'm from Brazil, in my free time I like to read, drink coffee, and train with swords, and mainly play League of Legends, Fortnite and Black Desert. I'm really looking forward to launching shinobi origin.
  6. Yo! You might know me from the Discord as Batrachomyomachy, usually shortened to Batra or simply Bat. Some fun facts about me! - I was the very first non-staff account on the site. I made this account during a very small window when sign-ups were possible back in mid-January. ^-^ - My birthday is May 5th, and most of my characters are born on July 26th because I like that day. lol - I've been told I can be a really nice person. I don't know how true that is, eheh. Well, that's about it. I hope to see you in-game as a comrade rather than an enemy. ? See you then! ?
  7. Shaka


    Im Shaka,obv. I joined the discord server in December. You probably dont know me so nice to meet ya all.?
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