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  1. More Village path/Role (Play) outfit ideas: Mercenary Ninja/ Missing-Nin [The look of a hired hand...or trouble~ ]
  2. More Village path/Role (Play) outfit ideas: Intelligence Division! (&Analysis Team) [You can be a nerd in a Lab coat or a Technical Robe ]
  3. More Village path/Role (Play) outfit ideas: Torture and Interrogation Force! [Super swanky suit, that is actually kinda fashionable and intimidating ]
  4. More Village path/Role (Play) outfit ideas: Messenger Ninja! & Postal Ninjas! [Fun hats, Messenger Bags, and possible drip to mix n' match; or wear full out if you wanna bring some immersion ]
  5. Everyone deserves to be loved! here is the chance! also the streets will look hecka more filled with more humanoid models running around :))
  6. Village Services Outfits: One for tactical missions [Special Tactics And Rescue Squad] One for medical assignments [Epidemic Prevention Outfit] One for village security [Police Force] One for village restorative assistance [Medical Corps]
  7. Hyuga Clan Outfit Ideas: With these three image suggestions you could single-handedly take care of an entire family: Suggestion #1=Casual Robes/Family Attire Suggestion #2=Training/Mission Wear Suggestion#3=Elder/leader Robes: CA$H $HOP GO BRRR
  8. Tricked Or Treated Within each city and town, you can visit the innkeeper once per hour, where you'll either be "tricked" or "treated." If you're tricked, you'll be transformed into either a frog, human ghost, kitten, skeleton, or snake for a couple of minutes, or you'll be given a costume that you can wear. These include costumes of bats, assassins, pirates, skeletons, or wisps, and last for one hour. If you have better luck, you'll be treated and receive a treat bag containing various consumable candy items, a flimsy mask, or a wand that will allow you to transform friendly players for a limited amount of time. [I basically copy & Pasted the Wotlk event details from way back in the day; but collecting a group of people to trick or treat with is a classic staple of Halloween]
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