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  1. Thanks for the review i am still working o the bio but i will take the things you said to my hand And the mark of saten is like a nick name for the scar he got on the chest when he was 10 yo And the power had letted him disconect nerves with his chakra like how sasory controls his pupets Btw: i made that at 1am
  2. Necron was born in leaf village and joind the academy at the age of 10 He was born Paralyzed from the waist down he had to use Wheelchair all of the other students and Sensei laughed at him and bully him while he couldn't do anything and told him he will never become a ninja his only "friends" were books he found a book about pupetes and Read that pupters use chakra strings to move the pupets years later he made a technic letting him use chakra strings to make the paralyzed part of his body work at first it took alot of Concentration just to move a toe and after a year when he was able to walk with Crutches he went to the wild at first he was very nervous tho with the help of his sharingun he survived for sometime and slowly but surely he was able to walk like a normal human tho it took alot of Concentration... But now he can do it without even thinking about it and he seeks Revenge on the people who bullyed him if they have helped he would've made this technic earlier and just for them he made a technic that disconnects someones nerves and he cant wait to use it to show the world how is it to not be able to do anything while getting slashed by a sword in the chest as a 10 years old kid , *6 years later* he was known as the shirt lass demon and everyone of his victoms have been founded with scars on their chest just like his own, while in is journey to awaken his mangakyou sharingun He found Nisshomaru and diceded to join the blood oath to make the world go through what he went through and then they'll will understand the pain in being helpless he thought and smiled to himself ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Height: 6′ 5″ Weight: 150lbs Age: 20 Blood type: A Primary chakra nature: lightning Hidden Village: leaf Clan: uchiha Organization: The Blood Oath Specialization: strategy Gender: male Hiar color: black and white Eye color: red(normal color) with sharingun in both eyes Wepon: chackra infused duel swords
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