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  1. Hi, can you please open a ticket in our Discord (discord.gg/shinobistory)? We will run through some troubleshooting to get you in-game asap
  2. Hello, there currently are no know compatibility issues with Windows 11. Can you open a ticket in our Discord (discord.gg/shinobistory) for assistance?
  3. Crab

    login problem

    Hey milan, please open a ticket in our Discord (https://www.discord.gg/ShinobiStory) and we'll be happy to help!
  4. Crab

    Download size

    It's 19GB at the moment.
  5. Crab

    new update

    There is an update planned to be released in ~ 1 month. Join the Discord at https://www.discord.gg/shinobistory to keep up to date with all of our announcements and updates!
  6. Feel free to ask for help in the Discord where players are a little more active (https://www.discord.gg/shinobistory) or in-game by typing /join global in your chat box if you haven't already. Thanks for checking the game out!
  7. Crab

    Low end help

    Hey ShinobiSabu, thanks for giving Shinobi Story a try If you're experiencing some lag when in-game, I'd suggest to attempt lowering any graphical settings (shadows are a huge performance hog) and also potentially lowering your resolution (although it is ideal to play the game in 1920x1080). You'll want to make these changes from the main menu before you log in to your character, if you've already logged in to your character there's a chance the game may crash when changing settings.
  8. Hey Kagari, can you please open a ticket in our Discord? This will allow us to help you more effectively. Thank you!
  9. This is due to a bug that would cause the boosts to not be consumed while casting a spell, but still giving the skill point XP, thus causing theoretically infinite boost XP. Please make sure you are standing still, and not casting any abilities while using your boosts and you shouldn't encounter any more issues.
  10. Crab

    20min Art Challange

    Draw the absolute ugliest baby you can think of
  11. If you are using the original username that you signed up on the forums with, and it still isn't working, can you create a new account for the time being? This is a known issue and a solution is being looked for.
  12. Your anti-virus will detect a false positive with the launcher. Please either disable the anti-virus, or add an exception for the Shinobi Story folder you created for the game.
  13. Crab

    Hi everyone

    Welcome Moshi, and your love for bugs. Look forward to seeing you in-game ?
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