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  1. Hey Kagari, can you please open a ticket in our Discord? This will allow us to help you more effectively. Thank you!
  2. This is due to a bug that would cause the boosts to not be consumed while casting a spell, but still giving the skill point XP, thus causing theoretically infinite boost XP. Please make sure you are standing still, and not casting any abilities while using your boosts and you shouldn't encounter any more issues.
  3. Crab

    20min Art Challange

    Draw the absolute ugliest baby you can think of
  4. If you are using the original username that you signed up on the forums with, and it still isn't working, can you create a new account for the time being? This is a known issue and a solution is being looked for.
  5. Your anti-virus will detect a false positive with the launcher. Please either disable the anti-virus, or add an exception for the Shinobi Story folder you created for the game.
  6. Crab

    Hi everyone

    Welcome Moshi, and your love for bugs. Look forward to seeing you in-game ?
  7. Crab


    Welcome to the community, look forward to seeing you in game ?
  8. No, este juego se lanzará exclusivamente en PC.
  9. No, no se requiere Discord, sin embargo, ahí es donde se comunica la mayoría de la comunidad, así como los desarrolladores.
  10. Lo siento si esto está mal, utilicé Google para traducir. La primera versión alfa de Shinobi Story se lanzará el 30 de julio, no podrás jugar hasta esa fecha. Eres más que bienvenido a unirte a nosotros en Discord (https://www.discord.gg/shinobistory), hay algunos miembros activos de la comunidad que hablan español con fluidez. Tenga en cuenta que los mods nos piden que solo hablemos inglés en el servidor, sin embargo, si tiene alguna pregunta, siempre puede enviar un mensaje directo a la persona con la que desea hablar.
  11. Crab

    Hi there!

    Welcome! I think you already got your answer in Discord, but just in case the alpha of the game will release on July 30th and will stay open indefinitely.
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