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  1. thanks! I mixed it up. I dont know why I keep doing that tho. But thanks. Niisan!
  2. not me, but dang it's perfect.
  3. He sound so interesting. Maybe be should get together and work out something?
  4. Hanabi Sarutobi, 21 years old. She's born into the Sarutobi-clan, but unlike the family, she prefer genjustu as well sword fight. She was a proud member of the Konohagakure-village, but at somepoint she became a rouge ninja. What happened, is still unknown. She's kindhearted, not one to kill without reason. She seek peace within everyone, and haven't lost her hope for it. If seen, she reminds of a butterfly because of her clothing. She's not one to start at argue, nor is she one to stop it. She doesn't seem like a threat, but before you know off it, you'll be trapped in a genjustu caused by her butterflies.1 Height 5'9 | Haircolor brown black | Chakra nature water 1 of course its not everybody she fights she trap, ain't using powergamning. *wip
  5. I dont know if to love or hate you, but damn you are a kind human being. As soon as I take another picture of her, I'll post it. WIP.
  6. It's not my fault you aren't around when it happens, 9t. But make the thread, and I'll be there. (but here's one, she's using my shirt as duvet. )
  7. ohmargaery

    Hey der

    Hello–oh. Someone you already know me as "Omar Gary" or "Poo" (sadly). Im 24 years old, turning 25 late this year(so halfway to 50) - and living in Scandinavia. And the only MMORPG games I've ever really played was WoW - and that's it. My hobbies are non-existing. .. OH I have a kitten named Maya, and I have posted like 5+ pictures of her, if you are lucky - you'll see her to.
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