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  1. Read the FAQ already... Just wanted to post anything ?... Anyways thanks for the information ?
  2. *When is the game going to release~*
  3. VegetaSama


    I'll make sure to be nicer to ya, and I guess I already found my eternal rival ??
  4. ? I would like to know more names
  5. Lmao ? I'll try my best
  6. • I am Prince Vegeta, all i want is to learn a few strong Jutsus and defeat kakarot once and for all! Okay ?... I am VegetaSama, right now a small Youtuber, growing slowly slowly ?. Studying psychology, and love to play RPGs and Watch Animes ?. Thank you ?
  7. VegetaSama


    Oh cool ? and I'm the second one then...
  8. Finally forums are out on the date which comes in every four years (29th February), now all i am waiting is for the game to be released UwU ?
  9. VegetaSama


    I wonder what do you mean by that ? because I can't see any picture ?
  10. Today i became an official member of the Shinobi family ??
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