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  1. So I thought of uploading them to other topics, but wanted them fresh enough that it wouldnt be like replying to a possibly year old topic lol... This is my collection, Ill try to upload more in the future if I make any lol... Ill limit it to 6 only, just pick 6 of your favorites for this one, to make it easier for everyone to upload them... I took anime bases from google, and simply drew over em, I suck at using tech and will not be updating the art here, as it was hard enough to draw in the first place with a Wacom drawing thing...
  2. Awesome, thanks for the advice!
  3. I'm new to this whole rping thing, so it takes me time to figure it out lol, as for my details their... Like anime, I like going on hikes, drawing although I suck at tech drawing, and I used to do martial arts before covid, I am a black belt. As for likes, I like chocolate, bananas and popcorn. My dislikes are pretty small, olives, the raw dates used in date squares, and I do not like sourkrout. As for my ninja, in game I'm hoping to play as Grimm or something close to Grimm, maybe even my secret name which I will keep as a surprise. I like playing games like this, and hope it gets a lot better, maybe it will rival WoW or something someday... What else should I mention?... I like cats, but also like puppies... And basically in game I am known to be quiet, cause I am figuring out a game and letting my friend or roommate watch so I usually avoid rping as such people like to disturb me except at night lol. Other things, I like drawing on tech, the thing I learned is I can draw my ocs as Naruto characters finally... As for other details like age etc, I prefer not to say I mean I am old enough to use WoW, ShinobiStory when it comes out and even GTa V so thats good enough to prove my age, good day or night ^-^
  4. Grimm2021

    Quest Idea

    I know there are some, but I'm thinking of how the beginners will start... How bout a quest or mission or whatever we want to call it where its a go get this object, bring it to this person, to get a feel for controls, or... A quest on weeding a farmland? That is reasonable, fit for beginners as there is no immediate dangers except some wild animals like squirrels or wild boars which could help teach new players how to fight, so they have a small fighting chance before they go into pvp or pvp rp. The quest Id like to see is find the fake, so basically your teacher would make clones, around five to six and have you guess the real, mind you that is purely some ideas Id thought of suggesting.
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