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  1. My quest idea is that you and your squad are sent to escort a circus or something to another area of the land of fire but there are npcs or rogue players hoping to steal the circus animals and your task is to guard the animals. However each animal behaves totally differently, some pretty docile and predictable, others very dangerous and unpredictable etc and some animals can be a handful... This can easily be expanded on and maniuplated to fit whatever quest or adventure in game I hope this helps give you guys some fun ideas! P.S good luck to everyone who submits a quest idea ^-^
  2. Ok thanks for the tips, ill try and edit it when i come home, out visiting fam right now but im glad for tips on bio
  3. Nah those two criminals are old drunk dudes, they aren't even ninjas.
  4. Grimm2021


    Name: Grimm Clan: Undecided Chakra Nature: Lightning Village: Leaf Age: 16 Nicknames: W.I.P Gender: Male Eye Color: Onyx coloured Rank: W.I.P Affiliation: Leader of Okami Description: Black long hair, tied in a ponytail, bangs over both eyes like Toph from Avatar Last Air Bender, cream-colored flawless skin, onyx colored eyes, and usually wears a grey camp baggy hoodie with torn sleeves, and has bandages on his hands, arms, and ankles as for his pants he is wearing a black pair of shorts and his knife pouch is strapped to his right hip, he is wearing dark grey ninja sandals. He has a scar on his left cheek, it goes at a diagonal line to his jaw and is permanent, he got it from his abusive dad. Personality: - He appears calm but is actually quite nervous and tense resulting in his hearing being slightly stronger. - He can be a little shy but is actually a jokester meaning he'll snicker at the class clown. - He can be quiet sometimes, however that is because he had a bad past and was told to be quiet so he struggles to talk. Likes: - Pocky (chocolate covered cookie stick in specific) - Drawing - Cats Dislikes: - Wasabi (forbidden green icing that is actually the spiciest thing I've ever had) - Loud noise - Violence Bio: W.I.P, might get edited in the future! Age: 6 Grimm's' childhood looked normal at first, however, if walls could talk they would tell what happened... Grimm was raised by his older brother Reaper(Not in game FYI), alongside his twin brother Crypt(Not in game FYI) since their mother and father were fighting. His mother who usually raised them was being beaten, for refusing to give Grimm's' dad her mothers heirloom of a necklace. As the weeks went by, Grimm's' mom took Reaper and Crypt unable to bring Grimm due to no space at her mothers home and had promised to come to fetch him when she had the chance leaving him at the mercy of his abusive father who took his chance. Grimm's' dad started beating him, locking him in small closets and ultimately attacked him every time he came out of hiding. He would sneak out at night when his father was out drinking, to eat scraps and sneak into the neighbors garden for food and fresh pond water. During the daytime he would spend it at the academy like any other kid, however, he struggled in some classes due to what was going on at home. Age: 9 Grimm decided he had enough, packing his meagre things, he packed his clothes and a few pictures then ran quickly running to go find a safer place than his old home. A few days pass, and he stumbles upon his moms new home, finding her remarried and he approached hoping she would help him. He still went to the academy, forced to sneak into the gardens of other people to get food but made ends meet enough to stay independent. However... That wasn't her, it was an older much more sinister woman that looked like her. Grimm stumbled back, alarmed by her and backed away only to stop and watch quietly as she beckoned him over. He approached hesitantly, her offering hand waiting as he hesitated then he backed away caution overtaking everything as he watched her seem to change becoming a taller man with very pale skin almost corpse-like but the man was quite muscled and appeared to be in rags. They were no doubt drunk, the smell of the booze on their breath as they circled him making him tense. The two men advanced on him, hoping to get money or worst no doubt as Grimm was circled. The two men lunged, trying to grab Grimm who leaped up much more agile than them from years of abuse at his dad's hands and ran quickly to escape the two criminals eventually stumbling into a street where shops were. Age: 13 By this age, he had started practicing some serious Justus, his favorite being lightning-style Justus. He would work day and night until he would achieve something, even if it was just a spark it was better than nothing in his mind. As for his outfit, he wore a similar outfit to what he wears now, except it is a black hoodie with sleeves and grey pants, everything else is the same. He would go out and work hard, training every day and night that he had time between working at the market or docks to earn money for his own food, water, and clothes as well as tools, he is using an old barn as home since it is abandoned but hopes to get an apartment. His hard work paid off, he got the apartment. It was a small apartment with a kitchen-living room, bedroom, and bathroom about all the space he needed. During one of his jobs, he ran into the two criminals and they tried to steal what he had. He chose to fight back, tossing the box in the air and quickly moved to do a dropkick sending both crashing to the ground and caught the box continuing on his way to deliver it. Age: 15 almost 16 He became Genin at 16, but before that, he ran into his mom who of course appeared very happy to see him and they spent a better part of a day together before he had to attend his last week of academy student classes since he was turning 16 the following day. Upon turning 16, his mom and brothers waited for him at the park near the academy, he arrived on time, noticing how happy but also how peaceful it was. TBC
  5. Heres the sketch of the outfits i thought of
  6. Clan name: Capra (I hope this is right, latin for goat?) Clan leader: (I cant really put a leader, since Im not sure if npc would work first) Clanmates: (Idk) Description: Usually a pretty calm clan, note there is multiple clan branches. Their reknown for their jutsu to basically perform parkour, they can be cheerful but sometimes quite shy. As for what group are they in, their viewed as neutral in most cases, but will fight for their village if needed. Main: Shanyang Hair: Light beige, long usually braided or in a pony tail to resemble goat horns. Jutsu: Faint, basically playing dead or avoiding death but costs chakra to keep self alive due to it basically shutting off their heart for a few minutes or even hours if mastered correctly making them useful in scouting missions. Eyes: Blue Side: Xie Hair: Blonde, short and messy. Eyes: Blue Jutsu: Goat rally, rallies clan to protect their own or injured allies. Side: Zhizu Hair: White, medium length and usually very soft but tied in a pony tail to stay out of the way. Eyes: Yellow Jutsu: E Tai, aka enhanced taijutsu it coats the users hands and feet in chakra to enhance their damage but leaves their body slightly weak due to chakra consumption, the jutsu lets them kick, punch and some even master head butting but that gives them a bit of damage they use the chakra to deal a bit of extra damage to fight. Side: Yueliang Hair: Brown, medium length usually braided like goat horns. Eyes: Grey Jutsu: Healing grass, they chew on some grass they pick to create a medical herb to heal the target, but it can taste horrible if chewing a bad plant, due to that their stomachs are lined with a chakra barrier protecting them from most poisonous plants. Side: Taiyang Hair: Black, long and is very much a varying style can be styled like the main or other side branches. Eyes: Green Jutsu: Side: Niunai Hair: Grey, short and frizzy Eyes: Brown Jutsu: Wire poke, allows user to scale or fight with ten or so wires, more wires later if user is good at using the jutsu, however consumes a good portion of chakra since the user is extending his or her reach to fight or climb. Clan symbol: Goat hoof print, white on grey. Outfit will be drawn: Grey shirt, baggy black pants, usually wears bandages on arms and legs since their very jumpy sometimes, and black ninja shoes.
  7. there was a lot so i screen shotted it for the Discord Highlights, feel free to move whatever you want to move into the high lights though
  8. So I thought of uploading them to other topics, but wanted them fresh enough that it wouldnt be like replying to a possibly year old topic lol... This is my collection, Ill try to upload more in the future if I make any lol... Ill limit it to 6 only, just pick 6 of your favorites for this one, to make it easier for everyone to upload them... I took anime bases from google, and simply drew over em, I suck at using tech and will not be updating the art here, as it was hard enough to draw in the first place with a Wacom drawing thing...
  9. Awesome, thanks for the advice!
  10. I'm new to this whole rping thing, so it takes me time to figure it out lol, as for my details their... Like anime, I like going on hikes, drawing although I suck at tech drawing, and I used to do martial arts before covid, I am a black belt. As for likes, I like chocolate, bananas and popcorn. My dislikes are pretty small, olives, the raw dates used in date squares, and I do not like sourkrout. As for my ninja, in game I'm hoping to play as Grimm or something close to Grimm, maybe even my secret name which I will keep as a surprise. I like playing games like this, and hope it gets a lot better, maybe it will rival WoW or something someday... What else should I mention?... I like cats, but also like puppies... And basically in game I am known to be quiet, cause I am figuring out a game and letting my friend or roommate watch so I usually avoid rping as such people like to disturb me except at night lol. Other things, I like drawing on tech, the thing I learned is I can draw my ocs as Naruto characters finally... As for other details like age etc, I prefer not to say I mean I am old enough to use WoW, ShinobiStory when it comes out and even GTa V so thats good enough to prove my age, good day or night ^-^
  11. Grimm2021

    Quest Idea

    I know there are some, but I'm thinking of how the beginners will start... How bout a quest or mission or whatever we want to call it where its a go get this object, bring it to this person, to get a feel for controls, or... A quest on weeding a farmland? That is reasonable, fit for beginners as there is no immediate dangers except some wild animals like squirrels or wild boars which could help teach new players how to fight, so they have a small fighting chance before they go into pvp or pvp rp. The quest Id like to see is find the fake, so basically your teacher would make clones, around five to six and have you guess the real, mind you that is purely some ideas Id thought of suggesting.
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