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  1. I know I will!! I'm planning to go Fire Release, Genjutsu & Uchiha clan to try to imitate Itachi as best as possible? Are you going to imitate a character?? And if you will, who is it gonna be?? Don't hesitate to tell me what you're planning on taking if you don't want to imitate a character though, I would love to hear what you guys want your ninja to be like!!
  2. Hii!! My name's a secret uwu, but online I'm known as saucegqy/shuiwen. I've always really liked Naruto but never actually took the time to watch the entire anime, but recently I've had a huge burst of attention towards it and started watching it. I'm now almost done with Part 1 (just a couple dozen of fillers to go :]) and I'm very excited for Part 2!! I was really excited when I learned about this game, and so I decided I'd try to invest myself in it. I'm also planning to buy the premium ninja subscription once the alpha comes out, just to make sure I really want to purchase it (I'm a teenager and I don't have any income, which is why even 25$ is a lot for me). Anyway, I can't wait to meet you guys and make a bunch of friends here on Shinobi Story PS: I speak english and french, but I'm canadian :] You can add me on Discord!! @shuiwen#4493 -itachi
  3. Fire, Wind, Water, Earth Lightning?? I'll go fire to stick with the Itachi theme, but I'd really like to try water or lightning on another account!! What will you guys pick? It's also possible to get more than one (I believe).
  4. Uchiha, as I'm trying to stay faithful to my name However I might create another account to go Sarutobi uwu
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