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  1. I mean for the payment page itself, what do you use thats embedded into the page.
  2. I had assumed it was something like that, who do you use for your payments anyhoo?
  3. I was looking into getting Premium Ninja recently, but I'm uncomfortable with one thing. I'm not comfortable sharing my address to purchase premium ninja, and I understand why it's necessary for some payment options - but for Paypal (or Stripe for that matter) is it necessary? I'd like if the payment system were changed so that it only asked for billing information only when it's applicable, but for other payment options it was left out. I don't think this is intentional or malicious in any way, but I value my privacy somewhat and when it comes to giving my information out to "less established" places it seems taboo to be so carefree.
  4. I understand that, but in the context of Ninja Tool Specialists and Hyuuga I don't know how accurate that is, I certainly understand the Hyuuga being a defensive powerhouse against projectiles, but as an offensive force I feel like they would particularly affect Ninja Tool Specialists with the chakra cut opposed to "full" chakra shinobi, which doesn't really make sense to me.
  5. If it's not good is it okay if we all pick up a stick and beat @Aetherweaver?
  6. Mhm, I just don't know if chakra limits will be able to be balanced well enough to make it reasonable, especially if people with "Gentle Fist" are around and can fuck with your chakra, and IMO that doesn't make much sense in the context of ninja tools like Ten-Ten's.
  7. I wonder how well that will work, because theoretically you could have a "generic" build and then just have Great Ninja Tool Scroll and really negate the specialty of it - I think with significant trinkets like that you have to restrict other abilities and spells if it's equipped, otherwise it really loses it's gimmick.
  8. I understand that Ninja Tools are going to be taking the trinket spot and this concerns me for one primary reason Ninja Tool Based Shinobi. I worry that people wanting to build their character to be like Ten-Ten or Aoi Rokusho won't have the freedom other Shinobi do because of Ninja Tools trinket classification. If we're going to classify Ninja Tools as trinkets then we need to ensure that there will be Ninja Tool Spells/Abilities despite some having individual items occupying the trinket slot, I understand how this might not be ideal because it could cause confusion (i.e: which Ninja Tools, the trinket or the spell, they're different.) but I still think it's something needed despite that - this might be something the team has already thought of, and I'd assume it is, but I still felt the need to ask for clarification or at the very least make it known that there is such an interest.
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    Well, uh... you look out of place in... uh - I'm just going to swirlie you now I can't think of anything else to do
  10. Gotcha, so they're gonna be like a trinket.
  11. Yeah I figured as much, the numbers exist as a broad reference and would obviously need to be adjusted to scale, but I don't have reference to any of that so I'm just putting in placeholders ^^
  12. Yeah I feel that, I only really added them to give an idea of how they should perform - I can't really give a "fair" number to any of them because I don't have anything to compare it to, but I hope the numbers can do the job of explaining how they should work, even if they're not set in stone.
  13. Ninja Tools This is a compilation of ideas and comparisons that will be updated as I think of them. Throwing Tools Medical Tools Miscellaneous Tools -wip-
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    It's nice to meet you!
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