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  1. 9Tails

    Discord Highlights

    Sammy professing his love in the only way he knows how.
  2. This is a cool Idea I just wonder how well it can be implemented - I DO like the idea of a sensory/hound type being able to "mark" an enemy though for easy tracking, sort of similar I guess.
  3. Cinematic Kurosawa-esque duel between two shinobi with care taken to how it's recorded. I think it'd be nice if it was in black and white, and if the individual jutsus were the only thing with color, of which should be very bright and saturated as to contrast with the black and white surroundings. Bonus points if you get a striking red blood spurt out of the fallen opponent as a finale, perhaps the bright red blood coating the screen to transition into the Shinobi Story end card.
  4. Knife Fighting Tournament.
  5. I listen to a bunch of stuff so I'll just put a few links down below and you can get an idea for yourself. I like alot of different stuff I just grabbed a few songs out of my playlist.
  6. Honestly Aether stabbed me and then stole my ToonTown memorabilia collection so I'm all for it.
  7. The bot didn't say hi. I'm with Lon3Ri3er on this one - how can we trust robots to not overthrow us if they can't even manage to greet us properly?
  8. 9Tails

    Discord Highlights

    Emotional Uchiha at it again.
  9. Sounds like its time for me to heat up a frozen pizza an eat it while crying in the shower.
  10. That sounds like a Runescape Clue Scroll
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