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  1. Hello people! As a little late launch celebration gonna be doing a nice giveaway because why not? The rules are simple: (EDITED) Just tell me your favorite memory of the server/game itself so far or what you have enjoyed most about it here under this post Take me on a trip down good old memory lane or simply any moment you really enjoyed in our amazing community will do! Most entertaining or creative person wins! THE AMAZING PRIZE WILL BE 35 DOLLARS IN STORE CREDIT! (via gift card) Ends: September 13th 11:59 (EST) Cya {Ended, whoops. Lowkey forgot about this my apologies. Winners are Cadron and UchihaHiryur}
  2. Did you finish filling out your profile?
  3. Ah Yes two of the best examples of backstories and character development in the show. I approve
  4. Definitely one of the best arcs in show if not the best
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