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  1. Hunting a ninja wanted for the slaughter of a village? You hear that a poblation has disapeared and you travel there to find out what happened. Maybe you can be the ninja that slaughtered the entire village. You hear about a greedy ninja that is studying forbidden ninjutsus, then you find him and you choose to join him and perform some jutsus that are powerful but at the same time they have a negative impact in the ninja that is using it? Or you can hunt him and be 'the good guy' of the story. Maybe some 'dark' ninjutsu that are made for killing and not for defeating, or an organization that perform sacrifices for some reason. This kind of elements may give a dark atmosphere of a conflictive world.
  2. im just excited about this project and im sure everybody in the community will fall in love with it, it has so much effort and love. i think that some important things are: making the player to feel completly free (giving, for example, the choice to leave the hidden village and become a rogue shinobi) but making the choices as realistic as possible, with real consequences (for example, the chance that your character appear in the bingo book if you become a deserter). the chance to become "powerful" by different ways, by becoming a asshole who only cares about wealth like Kakuzu, by becoming a famous healer like Tsunade, or a heartless elite ANBU i would like to see mechanics allowing people to become part of somethig, maybe the option to form a clan (or a group, like akatsuki) with players (separated from the hiden villages system) and go to war with other clans. another thing that i would like to see is -maybe too ambitious- but at a certain point having the opportunity to create your own jutsus and become a legend, like Orochimaru, Minato, Tobirama, etc. did but that's just some things that would make the game awsome! nice job and good luck! (sorry if i expressed myself wrongly, english is not my first lenguage)
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