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  1. Character Information Name: Zabuzausage Birthplace: Konoha Age: 30 Please answer each of the following questions with a maximum of three sentences. Do you have any criminal record? Please note we do have the Police chief on Council, we can check: I have never been cited for any criminal offense. I am currently, and have always been, in good standing with the Leaf Police Force. If you could put one law into place what would it be?: As the former ANBU captain, protecting the secrets of Konoha has always been a top priority of mine. Please excuse my lack of brevity on this question, as legal jargon must be rigid, I have formatted it as the Leaf Police Force would. Espionage/Infiltration/Surveillance | Code: 793 - Gathering, or transmitting sensitive information pertaining to the Defense of the leaf, or information that can be used to to harm the Members of the leaf. This includes careless handling of sensitive information. What kind of position do you hold in the hidden leaf village? (Example: Shinobi, Clan Leader, Local ramen shop owner) Publicly I hold no title other than being a Jonin of the Leaf, previously I held the title of ANBU captain. For what reason do you want to run for the office of Hokage? : To form a more united leaf, and garner a less toxic environment in the server overall. That has always been my goal, even before running for Hokage. If you are elected, what is your first priority or action as Hokage?: Reinstating previously established systems, adapted to the new system outlined by admins.(Teams, ANBU, Medical core, LPF, Academy) Implementing more "cross-org" RPPvP events to establish a better rapport between the players of the many orgs in this server. Imagine that you do get Hokage, how do you envision the future of the hidden leaf village under your rule?: My vision for the leaf is a community of like minded players, that believe in our systems and hold true to the core beliefs of the Leaf. As one man, this would be hard to achieve but I will lean heavily on my council and other advisors to bring it to fruition. How would you respond to threats of war from outside of the Land Of Fire?: War isn't something that should be taken lightly, it effects everyone and its usually the ninja least able to defend themselves that are most effected. I would call in my council to advise me, and send emissaries to the faction that has declared war, or threatens it. If that fails, and no peace can be achieved the Leaf will be forced to respond in kind to any acts of aggression. Describe your ideal roleplay event should you be elected as Hokage.: I think the ideal event for myself personally would be a mix of RP and PvP, maybe sparring sessions, contests of strength, or mission oriented RP. I would like all of these events to be open to everyone, and allow people to RP true to their character outside of the preconceived notions of their ORG tags.
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