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  1. For those interested in using WeakAuras, here are some configurations I made for the following. Feel free to send your own WA's to expand the wago collection. We could make a shared WeakAura library on the forums, since many of us tend to swap masteries alot. - Chakra Flow ( Stack tracking, duration tracking, combat message and flashing icon when lost) - Movement Charges ( Moveable tile, charge tracking, bouncy icon + message when no charges) - Tidal swings ( Stack tracking, Message +glowing icon at 4 stacks, duration of 4 stack buff) - Sharingan Reminder ( Flashing icon ontop of character when Three tomoe isn't active). - Many more ( On request ) Download links for addon and the weakaura strings: WeakAuras for 3.3.5 : https://wotlkaddons.com/addon/weakauras Collection link : https://wago.io/X_tcD16iL How to import: Go to the item in the collection -> Copy Import string -> Open /wa ingame -> Import ( Bottom button) -> Paste string Preview of WA's :
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