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  1. Hello, do you by any chance have an alt account or use a vpn? Also what is your Discord name?
  2. Congrats @UchihaHiryur and @Cadron! We will be waiting for you at the High Council. Special thanks to @Gen and @Constrife for hosting this event!
  3. Well hello there, Ninja! This Sunday at 7:30pm CST we will be hosting a Scribbl.io game in vc! Naruto content only! Private room Links will be distributed in dms for those who join VC and ask to hop in. Mic on is encouraged. comment down below for a chance to reserve yourself a spot Note: reserving may save you a spot but we won't be waiting more than 5min.
  4. Hello, As the thread announcement suggested, this is an Early Access. Content is yet to drop and as we collect feedback with it will come better balancing, particularly the exp gain from quests and mobs. Also keep in mind we do not intend to be blizz-like, we implement our own systems and because of that it is expected to require more work. We are trying to introduce our own experience. Thank you for your feedback.
  5. Thank you for letting us know what you prefer to use and for your feedback!
  6. Hello Ninja! As the whole Shinobi Story staff has been working incredibly hard to bring more content on our recently released early access, we want to hear from you so that we know how you feel about what we already have so far. And this goes beyond the game; we comprehend the importance of a viable social media platform. We are always seeking to improve. Let us know how you feel about the directions of things. And please keep in mind that this is only the early stages of the game's development. For any suggestions, feel free to comment down below! Note: the poll is anonymous. The comments are not.
  7. This is a crackhead NPC, it isn’t supposed to sound in place lol. But I will consider changing it, it is a bit too memey.
  8. Gogo

    Failed Quest

    Hello, can you please specify which quest that is?
  9. Gogo

    20min Art Challange

    I forgot the glasses, rip
  10. What was the bandit’s name?
  11. Well hello there, ninja! I am in the mood to draw stuff, and hence I will once again be doing the 10 min markers drawing challenge! Except that this time I will be drawing for 20min each, not a second more. Post down below what do you want me to draw for you! It can be anything, just no NSFW please. I am looking at you @Maximo. I will take a maximum of 15 requests, 1 per person. I also challenge other artists to join me and create the same thread!
  12. Thank you for your report!
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