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  1. https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/home special for you
  2. Here's a few ideas of daily and side missions. Collect the trash.(the name tells it)/DAILY Clean up the kage office.(basically pressing on something that says clean in the kage office)/DAILY Deliver Ramen(give a random location in village where to deliver ramen)/DAILY Gather ramen ingredients(for exemple collect herbs and etc)/DAILY Find the missing cat/DAILY Assassination(kill x amount of enemy ninjas, amount will increase as u get higher in rank)/DAILY Bounty hunting/village most wanted( gain x amount of bounty from ur enemies)/DAILY Deliver the mail/DAILY Training time! ( punch wooden logs x amount of times or other training activities as such)/DAILY Time off!/Relaxation time! (relax for few minutes in your local village spa)/DAILY Guilty pleasure! (visit a neighbouring village spa)/DAILY Kill the x (ninjas,wolves etc.) making trouble around the village territory./DAILY 777(help Bob recover the money he lost at casino)/SIDE QUEST Village Entrance Supervise(spend few minutes in front of your village gates trying to prevent or announce your villagers in case enemies are incoming)/DAILY Steal the documents!(go into an enemy village and steal their valuable documents)/DAILY My son wants to become a ninja! (teach the son a basic jutsu. exemple: use fireball jutsu 5 times in a certain area to complete)/SIDE QUEST Remove the graffiti!/DAILY I'll probably add more.
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