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  1. It doesnt let me invite people anymore, button should've been up there. The only way I was able to send someone an invitation was by using my old notification with people applying to join in order to get to the members page.
  2. it still doesn't make any sense RP wise so that's why i look down on this aswell
  3. what im saying is that, if John which is genin goes rogue and gets his rogue rank to 3 which is the equivalent of leaf jonin for exemple, when he pardons there are 2 options: 1.u give him jonin rank because he reached its equivalent as rogue which doesnt really make sense RP wise 2.give him the rank which he initially had before becoming rogue and he will be stronger than every other genin in village due to the rewards he got as ranking up as rogue
  4. The way i see it is that the ranking system should only reward you with titles and/or ninja clothing instead of making you stronger aswell because the effect i showed in the photo would happen.
  5. how will it work then? from the details we got so far about it this is how most of us see it being. if the representation was wrong then it was my bad.
  6. And here is why I think that ranking system rewarding you with ingame power shouldn't be a thing, I'd rather see letting people evolving powerwise without the need of ranking up using the ranks above. If you still want to make these upgrades rank related, I suggest Using the E D C B A S ranking instead. This would allow genin villagers to become just as strong as an ex genin that recently came back to the village after having a training arc as rogue. Photo edit: decides*
  7. https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/home special for you
  8. Here's a few ideas of daily and side missions. Collect the trash.(the name tells it)/DAILY Clean up the kage office.(basically pressing on something that says clean in the kage office)/DAILY Deliver Ramen(give a random location in village where to deliver ramen)/DAILY Gather ramen ingredients(for exemple collect herbs and etc)/DAILY Find the missing cat/DAILY Assassination(kill x amount of enemy ninjas, amount will increase as u get higher in rank)/DAILY Bounty hunting/village most wanted( gain x amount of bounty from ur enemies)/DAILY Deliver the mail/DAILY Training time! ( punch wooden logs x amount of times or other training activities as such)/DAILY Time off!/Relaxation time! (relax for few minutes in your local village spa)/DAILY Guilty pleasure! (visit a neighbouring village spa)/DAILY Kill the x (ninjas,wolves etc.) making trouble around the village territory./DAILY 777(help Bob recover the money he lost at casino)/SIDE QUEST Village Entrance Supervise(spend few minutes in front of your village gates trying to prevent or announce your villagers in case enemies are incoming)/DAILY Steal the documents!(go into an enemy village and steal their valuable documents)/DAILY My son wants to become a ninja! (teach the son a basic jutsu. exemple: use fireball jutsu 5 times in a certain area to complete)/SIDE QUEST Remove the graffiti!/DAILY I'll probably add more.
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