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    i dont know who said that but it wasnt me
  2. Where's the option for "Vlad yoinked me from another project"?
  3. Dan

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    smh, i got catfished by @Aetherweaver he be lookin' too damn fine
  4. Wait- really? I was willing to go down with him, but if that's possible I'll cooperate with whatever's necessary.
  5. I.. have to come forward now that it's come to this.. So as you all know, I joined the team after Aether. It was around October 2019 when I joined, and I met Aether. He seemed like a bit of an odd one, but I just summed it up to playful banter. Then things started getting really weird. I noticed in the general chat that he was starting to offer extra services that we had no idea about or even discussed with him. He was charging absurd prices for stuff like ad-free packages, DLC packs, he even went so far as to offer leaks for money. I asked Vlad about it, but he shrugged it off, saying that that's just Aether being Aether. But I felt something was off. A few weeks later, I get a message from someone, which I will keep their name private so as not to disrespect their privacy. They said that they had paid good money for the DLC pack and there was no confirmation email or anything and that it wasn't showing up in their account or anything like that. Needless to say, I was confused as all hell - wtf would we sell a DLC pack for on a WoW mod? But he had the receipt and everything, paid right to Aether's PayPal. I was honestly dumbfounded. This man was apparently making a whole lot of money in plain sight. This absolute mastermind was making jokes the likes of which would take titanium balls to pull off. And honestly, I always knew he walked funny. Now I knew why. So, here comes my confession; I confronted him about this. I knew about one, so there must be more. I told him that I'd bring this to Vlad if he didn't quit it. But instead, he offered to give me a cut if I kept my mouth shut. With no money and no way to find a job, I decided to accept. And I still regret that decision. I had now become his accomplice, and he let me in on all the details. He had earned over $44k USD just from leaking information, selling screenshots from the team chat, and promising extra benefits once the game was out. I know I'm condemning myself for this, but please stop this man. I'll go down with him, just stop him from going any further. Please. This is a project full of passionate developers, and this greedy man has spoiled those good intentions.
  6. ♦ Full Name: Hajimari Kyla ♦ Alias(es): Hana ♦ Birthplace: Land of Lightning. ♦ Age: 17 ♦ Gender: Female. ♦ Height & Weight: 162 cm (5'3) | 49 kg (108 lbs) ♦ Affiliations: Hidden Leaf Village House Hajimari Saitou Family Growing up surrounded by boys, Kyla adopted a tomboy-ish demeanour and fashion sense despite her mother's mandatory lessons in "proper lady etiquette." Her eyes closely resemble the colour of lavender, while her hair would remind one of a charcoal grey. Although born with a natural beauty about her, Kyla debases this perk with her unkempt hair and dishevelled attire, which typically consists of bandaging, ruffled clothes and a narrow colour scheme of black, white and faded purple. W.I.P Illnesses: Kyla suffers from dissociative identity disorder (MPD) and depersonalization disorder (DPD). She lives with a severely unstable disposition; her mental functions are not all there. Her understanding of the environment is inconsistent, resulting in random losses of balance, clumsiness and out-of-body experiences. While Kyla does have to live with these dispositions, there are times where she displays drastically different personalities, thought to be those of her now deceased cousins. Because of her dissociative identity disorder, she is known as a wild card. Her multiple personalities are unpredictable, and as such can cause chaos for both enemy and ally alike. Occasional windows of mental fatigue also come into play, making it hard for her to focus or stay out and about for too long. Typically impassive and unpretentious, Kyla does not give off much of an impression like her cousins did. Her attentiveness for the people or world around her is not always there, save for pivotal moments. Kyla acts with denigration towards those outside of her lineage, a corollary for the derision Kyla had to experience within the Saitou family and the Academy - her conditions made her stand out as the “weird child,” bringing about bullying and shots at her mental capacity. Although taught on multiple occasions not to act with prejudiced opinions, Kyla continues to do so as she lacks the mental capability to understand there are all kinds of personalities in the world. It's simply easier for her to generalise the masses and act on those presumptions. Flawed by this mindset, the girl is usually scornful and aloof, unable to recognize key characteristics of individuals and discriminates based on what types of characters she has encountered. To her, everyone's the same. W.I.P CH1 - "The Saitou Family" W.I.P This info card is W.I.P, but will be purposely short once completed - I will only be offering a little bit of information on my character. If anyone is interested, feel free to learn more about Kyla by interacting with her in-character, if possible.
  7. I'd be pretty ticked off if a bot didn't reply to me. If it can't do such a basic thing as say hi back, what's the point? Personally, I think Jiraiya bot should be stabbed repeatedly and drowned to death by its former student.
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