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  1. Super jump is an ability that Moths and Bees use if their target is not in melee range. It's instant cast in a large AoE around them, stuns for 7 seconds and does massive damage. From what I understand, It's intended to prevent people from safespotting them. The issue with this ability though is twofold, they're difficult to disengage from without using substitution jutsu and breaking off aggro all together and Knockbacks/Knockups cause them to cast super jump the moment they're pushed out of melee range, making them actively detrimental to use. My proposed change is to simply give super jump a cast time that is unable to be cast while moving. That way they're less punishing to people using knock backs and allows a bit of counterplay while still punishing people who abuse safespots.
  2. Alright, doing a bit faster of an update this time because my opinions on a few things has changed and I wanna get it out there asap. As far as differences from last time I've unlocked the passive at 150 koban and managed to get my hands on two scrolls, loading them up with two spell power cards each. Covering the first part of the passive is difficult considering it's bugged right now (As mentioned above, doesn't proc off of tornado or slicing whirlwind) but I'm pretty convinced that it will end up being rather meh. With the kit as it is right now it's really difficult to keep up the MS increase without weaving in pointless moves unless you're spamming tornados in which case you're likely in a position where you can just turret cast. It's hard to test due to the bug, but I doubt the first part will be too notable. The second part is honestly out of my league to talk about. As a wind user, I look at extra Jutsu haste and my low cast times and think "What's the point?" However, pretty much everyone I showed this to was like "Wait, wind gets Jutsu haste! That's so good!" I'm gonna believe everyone else and say It's likely great for other masteries, and it is thematic for wind, I just dont really have the means to test it out that way. Alright, for part two I managed to get two scrolls and filled them up with spell power cards which gives me a great chance to properly test out Wind's Spell Power scaling. For reference take I will be testing these jutsu under two conditions. All targets are Oversized rat Swarmers and I am only reporting normal hits. Condition 1: Cosmetic: Shinobi Rough Katana (2h damage bonus) Jutsu power 10 Condition 2: Nodatchi of the dragon t1 (2h bonus damage) Two scrolls with full spell power 3 cards for a total of 316 spell power (392 after the nodachi) and jutsu power 10. Wind Style: Gale Palm (Crits for 150% damage) Condition 1: Min: 143 Avg: 198 Max: 277 (127 uses in testing) Condition 2: Min: 301 Avg: 557 Max: 863 (80 uses in testing) Wind style: Breeze Blast Jutsu (Crits for 150% damage) Condition 1: Min: 87 Avg: 192 Max: 353 ( 113 uses in testing) Condition 2: Min: 231 Avg: 489 Max: 1100 (114 uses in testing) Wind Style, Slicing Gust Technique (Crits for 150% damage) Condition 1: Min: 78 Avg: 149 Max: 536 (247 uses in practice) Condition 2: Min: 336 Avg: 589 Max: 878 (173 uses in testing) Wind Style: Slicing Whirlwind (Crits for 200% damage) Condition 1: Min: 499 Avg: 647 Max: 833 ( 24 uses in testing) Condition 2: Min: 531 Avg: 700 Max: 865 (35 uses in testing) (I theorize this might scale off of mostly attack power but have no good way to test this right now.) Wind Style: Cutting Tornado Jutsu (Crits for 150%) Condition 1: Min: 61 Avg: 159 Max: 256 (429 uses in testing) Condition 2: Min: 272 Avg: 381 Max: 398 (262 uses in testing) I believe this paints a solid picture of what's wrong with the spec the most, its base damage is abysmally low to where you need scrolls to really hike up that damage to respectable numbers. It so difficult to recommend someone take this as their first spec because auto attacking will be the vast majority of your damage until you get your hands on scrolls which are rather difficult to obtain right now. With that said, once you get those scrolls things get quite a lot better. As mentioned before in this thread, I can't compare it how other masteries do at this point, but it have noticed that seem to keep up to people of similar level way more than I used to. One final thing I'd like to address is that my opinion on Cutting Tornado Jutsu has shifted quite drastically since my last post. While it's still certainly wind's black sheep jutsu, it's also certainly our strongest by a long shot... in the optimal circumstance. That optimal circumstance being when you're fighting enemies that you can keep at its max range of 30 yards reliably such as Heavy Ox and certain bosses with preferably a large hitbox. It absolutely redefined my grinding style from slowly killing bees to gathering 4-5 heavy ox into a close area with the help of knock backs and shredding them down with tornadoes. You really need at least a scroll to do this though because at lvl 30 with full spell power it often takes me my entire chakra bar plus the recharge to kill them doing this. I've eluded to this quite a bit but while wind is a pretty lousy choice for a first mastery, it's a really solid choice for a second mastery. I cant really speak for damage tuning or pvp balance, but its clear to me that the main help wind needs is early on as a first mastery.
  3. Alright, Finally have played enough since patch 32 to feel confident enough to give feedback so here we go. I forgot to add my level and equipment to my previous post so I'll go ahead and rectify that here. As of writing this post I am a level 27 wind genin using duel Katana of the Dragon t1, I do not have a scroll. Patch 32 introduced Wind buffs, from what I've noticed here are how each of the previous 4 abilities I've mentioned have been changed and my new opinion on them. Wind Style: Gale palm he jutsu itself is unchanged from what I've noticed however the icon and tooltip for the Dazed debuff has changed! The defuff now specifically mentions that Shuriken bonus damage is activated, I like this! Despite being unbuffed I still believe it's wind's best jutsu. Knockbacks are still a bit buggy in caves, likes to hit mobs into ceilings, but everywhere else it's super nice to have an instant, aoe knockback for casting interruption. Wind Style: Breeze Blast Jutsu This one got some work done on it and my god did it need it. It's damage has been significantly buffed to 206-680 at base and the knockback sends enemies significantly higher now, giving it more of an identity from Galepalm's more horizontal knockback. The damage in testing seems to be more weighted in the middle of that damage range, usually hitting for somewhere between 400-600 damage with spellpower weapons but will occasionally hit above or below this range. I still think this jutsu could use a slight range increase, the melee range on a cast time is a bit awkward to land against moving targets, but I like it a whole lot more now. Wind Style: Slicing Gust Technique Damage has been buffed to 251 -450 damage, with spellpower weapons it seems to hit in practice for 350-500 damage. Again, significantly more usable than back when it'd literally hit for double digit damage. I generally use this only when fighting three or more enemies because on two or one auto attacking is generally better. This might change with a 2h weapon due to longer time in between attacks but Wind seems to heavily rely on duel weapons still to do single target damage. Wind Style: Slicing Whirlwind Unchanged from what I've noticed. Imo, still wind's second best jutsu even despite the buffs to the other two. Being able to crit against up to three targets for 1.3k damage, even on a 45 second cd, is still really really nice for wind. Its unmissable quality is also a nice ribbon as well, although it is still possible for it to miss against enemies significantly higher level than you. One more thing to note is that it still applies a magical debuff that applies a slowing effect. It calls itself dazed however it does not buff shuriken damage. The new Jutsu! This one is a really weird one and it's honestly wind's new black sheep Jutsu. Let's talk about the random movement first. This is me spamming the ability off cd, note the tornado that dissipated in front of the building, that's about how far they wander although I have had a few escape the square through the building while testing it here. The jutsu also doesn't seem to like to move when you're on a different plane from it. They'll occasionally move but more often than not they'll expire where you set them. There is a second aspect to their movement thats a lot harder to capture in screenshots, The tornado will always move away from you if you get within ~25 yards of it. For example, if you cast it right in front of you, it'll always immediately start moving away from you while if you cast it at its full 30 yard range it'll usually stay put. In addition, if you move towards it it will run away from you. In result, this jutsu is almost impossible to use in melee situations unless you're cool with it only hitting once, and with wind being a very melee range encouraged spec with Breeze blast and Slicing cutter it feels really weird to have something that discourages you from moving into melee. As for the damage... It isnt great it does 200ish damage, 300ish on a crit and tics once about every second. The enemies I've found it the most useful on are ones that move very little and have a large hitbox, the best current candidate being Heavy Ox. This is one of the best case scenarios for the tornado, where you can manage to stack up a bunch of them on a large target (Preferably more than one) without them moving around too much and able to consistently do it at a 30 yard range so they don't run away from you. Worst case scenario is against something like MM, Kaze or another player where they're small and move around all over the place. Imo, this thing could use some major love to keep it from being a gimmick. If I were to make changes on it I'd do the following 1: Increase it's cool down, damage and maybe cast time. Make it less spammable but more rewarding to use. 2: Increase its area of effect 3: Make the first hit deal significantly more damage than subsequent hits. Not sure how possible this is in engine though. 4: Make it not run away from you. Obviously there are other changes that could be made, this is just what I came up with after a bit of theory crafting while using it. Summoning multiple of them from a single cast would be kinda cool as well, would still need to make it unspammable though. Overall, wind feels significantly better to play than back in patch 31. It's not great but I can aoe farm now that Slicing cutter does damage and dailies just feel way better to do than before. It has this identity crisis though where it wants to be both a melee and range mastery at the same time, having two different kits for each. In addition, its single target damage feels much weaker than its aoe but I feel like that might be intentional. Either way, just wanted to get this out there before the new year. I unlock the 150 passive later today (Hopefully) so perhaps that ties together the spec a bit more.
  4. Alright, so it's pretty common knowledge at this point that wind mastery is kinda booty. I've been pushing it on my main for a few weeks though and, while I don't have too much experience with other Masteries, I feel like I can give some solid feedback on each of the first four abilities and how they compare at least to each other. Note: Tool tip doesn't mention the daze it applies, it also does about 400 damage, not the 70 mentioned. Imo, this is wind's best ability of the first four for the sheer utility of it alone. 400 damage is respectable for wind style and the knockback is useful to interrupt casting like a Moth's blinding pollen or pushing a wolf with the 150% damage increase pounce buff away. Most importantly however is the daze debuff it applies to enemies which activates Shuriken bonus damage. Considering wind doesn't deal that much damage, a 750+ hit from a shuriken is really important for taking down harder mobs. The main issue with using this ability right now is against bees and moths, unless you run along with the knockback they'll cast super jump and wreck your day. There is honestly nothing good I can say about this ability, It is just worse than Gale palm in every conceivable way right now. Except against burrow eggs, there is not a moment I can think of that I didn't regret using it compared to just auto attacking it's so bad. Its range also seems to be very low, basically melee range although I could be wrong on that. The damage isn't misrepresented either, it actually does like 125 damage. I dunno how you'd improve this outside the obvious reduced cast/cd time, increased range/damage. It might just need a complete redesign. This is marginally better than breeze blast simply because the cast time and CD are both lower. Again, the damage is actually that low, I see it hit double digit damage frequently even with two "of the dragon" katanas. Another major problem I have with this ability is that it's an AoE, melee range ability with a cast time. You are essentially guaranteed to have your cast time knocked back while using it which feels really lousy (Note: This also applies to breeze blast). Besides an obvious damage increase, this ability would feel so much better to use if it didn't have a cast time. If it needs a longer CD in result that's fine, but interrupting your auto attacking and casting in melee feels really bad. Note: This ability applies a magical slow to the enemy despite not being listed in the tooltip. It does not count as a daze despite being called one by the debuff's tooltip. So no Shuriken bonus damage :< This is the other contender for wind's best ability, although I do think Gale palm beats it out. It basically works like a slower moving, insta cast chain lightning that slows. It does about 450-650 damage (With Spell power weapons) and, unlike wind's other abilities, seems to Crit for double damage rather than 1.5x. It does seem to scale off spell damage despite mentioning using a sword and is easily the most damaging ability of the first 4. This ability is a genuine breath of fresh air after two stinkers however it does still seem to be lackluster compared to what other masteries are doing at this point. I'll try to keep this post updated as I unlock further into the wind mastery but as of right now it feels really really weak. As a point of reference, I've been leveling an earth alt on the side, and stoneshatter Jutsu genuinely feels like it's better than all four of these abilities combined. I know it's been confirmed that tuning is coming for wind, I just want to share this on the chance that it helps make the mastery feel fun to play.
  5. The quest Last will: Foul Play describes a sword in a lake east of Yokohama Town. The sword is located in the lake west of town.
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