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  1. a question will the animals and rest of game change into real anime graphic in late time or not ?
  2. well first I will level up as Uchiha rogue prodigy and explore world and recruit 2-3 people as members and search for bijus and start burn everythging what comes into my path until I awake my mangekyou sharingan full potential
  3. thanks all for the warm welcome
  4. its honor to be part of this beautiful story part
  5. today official a shinobi ninja of this site
  6. well since there is no otutsuki clan or Uzumaki yet I will go as UCHIHA CLAN!
  7. Hi everyone my name is kreshua but everyone can call me Spirit! im a big fan of Naruto general and im happy to be a part of this big community of Naruto! my favorite games are Dota2,Warcraft3,world of Warcraft,LOL my favorite series are Naruto,One Piece,DBZ well I live in Europe/Kosovo/26 years old im a prodigy when it comes to games , im a friendly guy we can have lot of fun together im also here to help with anything and cant wait for the release lets go ninjas! with love - spirit
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