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  1. youre fine im sure if you need help with something i got you bro, and yokohama town is the place with alot of pink trees it is somewhere on the east side of the map if you take the trail from the spawn point and go right and keep following it an if you see a path on the trail then choose the right path and boom you are there
  2. IC: You are walking around going about your normal day and on a tree something would catch your attention it would be a poster stuck to a wall with Indras face on it and some writing you decide to: Ignore the poster and walk past it walk towards the poster and read it IC: you are invited to come to a gathering located at Yokohama village for a gathering hosted by Indra, food and drinks will be provided there free for everyone and there will be a pvp area for those who want to sharpe your skills in combat and meet stronger people. as an offering from indra he will be teaching anyone that needs to learn how to use fire style jutsu, wind style jutsu, and water style jutsu. this event will be hosted at 7pm 4/29/2020 in Yokohama Village OOC: I decided to make this event because the announcement that the game will be gone for a long time on the 30th so I want to take this as an opportunity for everyone to meet up rp and pvp and overall just have fun and do whatever the game will be down for a while so just take this opportunity get on and be active and have fun I hope people show up it will be fun, and yes anyone that shows up if you want I can teach you any jutsu as long as you rp for it. lol I don't know much about making events but atleast I tried so goodluck everyone and I hope to see you all there I really hate your guys toes by the way.
  3. for a quest you can do some time of retrieval quest like finding a scroll a dog or something another type of quest is you can do a protection quest where you have to protect someone from bandits and stuff until they get to a certain destination you can also do quest where you have to kill a certain person and one last quest idea I have is one where you have to be a guard like guarding a village or being a guard at a meeting or something you could also look at quests from Naruto and make one of them but do it in your own way
  4. okay so I would like to give feedback on the jutsu that have been added, first off any bugs in the games should be fixed before any of this is added but yee, we should be able to run and jump while doing jutsu and you should add something where it looks like your character is doing hand signs when you do jutsu instead of your hands just glowing and standing still, also some jutsu don't even look like the jutsu they are supposed to be for example fire style fire ball jutsu should look like this but it doesnt also the taijutsu in the game that needs to actually be something instead of just having a weapon you can be quick and use the taijutsu like rock lee now something we really need are more animals in the forests and stuff there are barely any so we need a lot more and we also need a bit more bandits around the place and one last thing is we should be able to aim our jutsu instead of it going straight forward that would be great. that's all I have to say for now and I think my suggestions should be taken into consideration
  5. Hi and i absolutely hate your toes lol, if you want to rp with me my name is "Indra" add me and i would be happy to rp with you. what i do in game is meet new people explore and fight, i am also able to teach you any ninjutsu in the game if you roleplay for it and earn it.
  6. fire style blazing crescent does no damage and also when i do jutsu they go under me if im on top of something they dont go straight forward also when using jutsu we should be able to look up and down and shoot them and also we should be able to jump and move while doing jutsu i saw it being done in the anime alot of times you cant tell me i cant run and jump and do fireball jutsu like sasuke does. please trust me all of this must be added and the bugs must be fixed.
  7. ....this char was ass dw about it lmao
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