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  1. Hello I was trying to install the game, but to my dismay I did not notice it was installing in C; which is my solid state drive used ONLY for system/booting purposes, and not to install games or store files, I have other 2 HDDs for that. The game filled the solid drive to capacity and now I have a lot of performance issues with my machine, not to mention I will not be able to receive system updates. The game install stopped halfway through because I ran out of space, I uninstalled the game (after getting error messages while trying to uninstall it from Remove Programs), but my solid state drive is still at capacity even after the game was uninstalled meaning that there are a lot of game files left behind in my machine. Where are the files left behind by the game to manually delete them? As the game did not offer an install path I'm not sure where to look. I checked the Program Files and Program Files x86 in C; after uninstalling, I searched the entire drive using the term "naruto online" using the windows search and if I do not get any results for that query I will try "Shinobi story" next, but I am needing some serious help with this, can't find anything on Google and I do not want to have to reinstall my entire system as I have a lot of configurations for work purposes that are extremelly tedious to do and could take me weeks to get done again. My mistake for overlooking this, but I was busy with other things and it completely went over my head. If anyone can help with this I owe you my life, thanks. Update: None of the mentioned query searches returned any results for any files. It's almost 5am and I'm going insane.
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