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Player Leader: Izunami

The Root is organization that was founded by the leaf out of the necessity of protecting the leafs secrets by any means necessary. 

The Root is a leaf village organization.

This Organization is working with the leafs best interests in mind, that being said they will partner with anyone who benefits us in serving our cause.

Our enemies are anyone who apposes the Leaf Village, or stands in the way of us achieving our goal.

This Organization will be a squad based role play/pve/pvp organization. We are in search of characters with total devotion to the Leaf Village, and must have a special darkness in them that allows them to carry out any mission without hesitation. 

The Goals of The Root are required to stay a secret. Members will be able to be mobilized by Izunami or trusted squad leaders to achieve whatever mission is need for the benefit of the Leaf Village

There is a dress code expected with in The Root. All Squad leaders will have a different color based robe and ANBU mask.

Lieutenants will have a black or gray robe with ANBU masks.

All foot soldiers will have a ANBU Mask And flak jacket.

As of right now there is no limit on member numbers. there will be squads of five, and there is no number on how many squads we can have.


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