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<Leaf Police Force>

 Player Leader: Captain Tashiro Uchiha

The Leaf Police Force was originally founded in partnership between the First Hokage, Ushinawareta Sarutobi, and the Uchiha clan as a sign of good faith between their two clans. Mostly consisting of Uchiha clan members, the Leaf Police Force is tasked with maintaining law within the Village.

" Elite Shinobi who monitor fellow Shinobi "

- The Leaf Police Force operates solely within Konohagakure.  -

Traditionally led by the Head of the Uchiha, the Leaf Police Force finds itself in a precarious position with the majority of the Uchiha Clan in open rebellion against the Hidden Leaf Village. Currently they continue to maintain order within the Village, however many within the force refuse to raise a hand against their rebellious kin.

 In this perilous time, it is more important than ever that the Leaf Police Force grows! We seek skilled Shinobi with a thirst for justice! Applications may be sent to Captain Tashiro Uchiha for consideration.

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