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How and why did your organization come into existence?

Hidden Rain Shinobi is a RPPVP org, with an emphasis on PVP. We wish to help new players learn how to pvp, how the mechanics of the game work, while also introducing rp elements to it as well. As an example we'd like to hold events for one versus one fights, or three versus three, with an rp theme, but for the purpose of everyone getting practice in a non-toxic environment where you can grow and learn. That being said we'd also like to make a home for the heavier roleplayers out there, offering more heavy text rp in game and in discord. As stated before, we want to build a Village for EVERYONE. Which means even PVE players will have a place in our org, or even those who only wish to roleplay.

Who is your organization allied with?


Who are your enemies?


What are your relationships with the various feudal lords?


Does your organization require a uniform or partial uniform? 

No, members can dress however they'd like.

Do you have a member limit?


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