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Ages ago in a land unfamiliar, a legendary tale began. It's heroes wove their souls into the fabric of time, but as just time passes, so does it fade; such is the way of things. The weave's tether eroded, and like a spinneret in the wind their quintessence was adrift. Finally finding rest in a new world, Shinkiro Seiiki of the Seichi Densetsu has once again begun to spirit away the shinobi of the realm. Perhaps, one day, you might find yourself upon a misty path, and happen upon it's majesty.

Secretary: Kagari
Discord: Mirage Sanctum
Government: Elected Member Council
Founded: Primus Alpha (28th Aug 2021)

Mirage Sanctum's purpose and goal is to collect and compile a complete Shinobi Story information library in order to fulfil the potential of it's members through frontrunner game completion. We will compete; this is a certainty. If as an applicant you are found worthy, you will be given the full access and support of Mirage Sanctum and it's denizens. We have no member limit, and accept anyone that proves talented enough in any game aspect, and trustworthy enough to share our time with. We cultivate all styles of gameplay.

Within the world we represent players devoted to creating a complete character fantasy; entailing a journey littered with achievements and pride, and setting a standard for player knowledge. We always back up our claims, and never back down from a fight. In terms of RP, the Sanctum offers rich short and longform narrative due to it's wealth of history that has been shaped through real events in it's prior endeavours. 

In-Game structure and coordination are on hold, pending details of the game as they are released. Posts about thus, and other aspects such as RP background lore, list of achievements, venture statement etc will be coming in the coming days.


02/10/21 - First Konohagakure Tournament Champion
17/10/21 - Server First Tuned Masked Man Kill
18/05/22 - Server First Hardmode Kama+Raido


Enemies:  None have dared to make an enemy of Mirage Sanctum
Village Relations: Employ by Contract (All)

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