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Player Leader: Grimm (Clan undecided so rely on my Beta or Delta for information!)

NPC Leader: (If applicable) None, mainly players npc are welcome but will require to go through the same process...

How and why did your organization come into existence? It came into existence to help players improve in training, as for why that is something that only the leader can tell.

In which territories does your organization operate? Operates mainly in the leaf training grounds, usually in the day and they basically help train others or let them spar to improve so PVP is welcome just try not to kill the Karen's etc. some don't like that...

Who is your organization allied with? The leaf and to be determined.

Who are your enemies? Probably rival training/teaching groups, we use PVP/RP as in basically teach rping a test or exam with all the Pups (recruits) against other rival training or teaching groups

What are your relationships with the various feudal lords? To be determined

What are you looking for in members, both IC (clan affiliations, character goals, morals, etc.) and OOC (PvE focused, PvP focused, trading and profession focused)? Mainly in character, characters that need help improving skills, aiming for any goal they have in mind, morals vary so I cant say for certain what morals, and people that know what they want. PVE focused, RP and PVP is welcome although not required, this is a training group not a trading group, profession is welcome, and teaching is permitted.

What is the purpose of your organization? To improve a characters skills, learn new things and mainly support them in their journey for the top of whatever their goal is.

Does your organization require a uniform or partial uniform? Your choice, just try to keep it training safe.

Do you have a member limit? Some openings, until release. Feel free to apply early for early rank, however when the game starts all new applicants will have to work for their rank.

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