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    • For those interested in using WeakAuras, here are some configurations I made for the following. Feel free to send your own WA's to expand the wago collection. We could make a shared WeakAura library on the forums, since many of us tend to swap masteries alot. - Chakra Flow ( Stack tracking, duration tracking, combat message and flashing icon when lost) - Movement Charges ( Moveable tile, charge tracking, bouncy icon + message when no charges) - Tidal swings ( Stack tracking, Message +glowing icon at 4 stacks, duration of 4 stack buff) - Sharingan Reminder ( Flashing icon ontop of character when Three tomoe isn't active). - Many more ( On request ) Download links for addon and the weakaura strings: WeakAuras for 3.3.5 : https://wotlkaddons.com/addon/weakauras Collection link : https://wago.io/X_tcD16iL How to import: Go to the item in the collection -> Copy Import string -> Open /wa ingame -> Import ( Bottom button) -> Paste string Preview of WA's :    
    • Greetings to all, I want to inform you that a page has appeared on fandom.com, this is a wiki project in Russian. Everyone can contribute to the development, or learn something new. The page has recently launched, so there is not much information there yet, but it is updated almost every day. https://shinobistory.fandom.com/ru/wiki/ShinobiStory_WoW_Вики
    • Bench Day: Date: 11/10/2022 Time: 8:00 PM CST Location: Outside of Hokage building What to bring: Yourself Dress Code: Casual Special Guest(s): Kurt Koban Admission: Free Hello on Thursday 11/10/2022 at 8:00 PM CST I, Matsuzou will be holding a group exercise called Bench Day right outside of the Hokage building. Feel free to join me as I sit on a bench and you sit on a bench as well.
    • Hey, I just wanted to start off by thanking you for your support!  I investigated this for you, and it seems the email you provided in your account was incorrect, and so the email service wasn't able to email you the code. Please make sure your email is valid and correct in your account settings.  I have DM'd you your code in the meantime =]
    • Hi im pretty new to the game and i just bought the akasuki robes on the shop and i didnt get any email or anything for the redemption code
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