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    • please add a jiraya full outfit 
    • I don't believe your apology is genuine. Not only did you give a cookie cutter apology to the person that finally sparked this. You have a history of being negative and actively harassing people in this community (whether people/you want to actively admit this or not). Furthermore you have been seen abusing your GM powers and using them to the advantages of either your friends or yourself. This has been brought up several times before being swept under the rug. It's really tiring to see minor examples of these negative behaviors and then when a large example like this occurs where not only you but several players harassed people where you then openly admit to you bullying/attempting to bully people off the server.   Regardless if this is "the player" or "the staff" member acting, its unacceptable. This shit wouldn't fly anywhere else, in every server I've played from WOW, GMOD, etc, if the person who did this was caught and the messages forwarded to staff they would not only be removed from said staff team but banned for at least a week (bad day or not).   A friend of mine asked during the community meeting asked when Vlad was placating everyone about how "things will be better"  and things were being talked about they asked very clearly in response to the concerns of staff behavior "How far is to far?" before he immediately left the channel.  Whether he somehow didn't hear the question in a quiet channel or actively dodged the question, it still remains for me: How far is to far? Because for me, I already know my answer to this as a whole as a person who has a history of being a GM and admin for smaller communities of RP communities (some with as low as 50 players others as large as 250) and as a player as well where my limit is for this behavior.
    • Rain Village-> cloaks, Vest, and seemingly regular issue breathers 😄
    • Attention to all Players The Sunsail Treasure Hunt! When: August 13th at 12am Server (8pm EST/7pm CST) Where: Assembly is in Yokohama Who: All players welcome but especially new players! What: Treasure Hunt Hello Shinobi! This Saturday, Sunsail will be hosting a treasure hunt with an emphasis on new player involvement! No need to sign up, just show up! There will be three locations on the map where a Sunsail member will be hiding with fabulous prizes!  The first new player (lower than 40, still Genin) to reach a spot will get a great prize, but any player who reaches the spot after will also be awarded a prize. We encourage players to not have WM enabled, as our treasure boxes (see Sunsail players) will not have it turned on and you’ll need to trade for your treasure.  We encourage any veteran players, especially those with leadership in other orgs, to reach out if they would like to assist with helping us. We expect the event to last 1hr to 90 minutes. If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to reach out to Celean, Nari or Kurito in game or on Discord.  This is an RP optional event, meaning you can RP during or not, and your performance will be marked the same. After the Treasure Hunt, Sunsail will be having an RP event open to the public
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