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    • launcher won't start I used vpn it didn't work again (operating system Windows 7 32 bit)
    • Notetaker: Nari Fujusawa Attendance: Alther, Havu, Charli, Kameko, Iron, Kuroie, Kiera, Nari, Geo, Zabuzasuage, Lupa Konoha Council meeting, 9/25/22     Getting right down to business, the first order of business is the addressing of the empty slots in the counsel as several of them decided to follow Kinito on his mission. These individuals who followed Kinito being Riamu Senju, Koshiro Ryu, and Rikka Uzumaki, the former two representing their respective clans and the latter representing the medical department. After some discussion, we agreed that the last Sunday of every third month will be a new clan head election. In addition, the previously mentioned people will be removed from their positions for inactivity.     Next Sunday, the normal counsel meeting will be going on vacation and in its stead konohagakure will be hosting a masquerade ball in the park on that day. Anbu masks will be allowed to be worn by non anbu on that day and formal wear is encouraged. Hopefully this will be a delightful start to the autumn season. 
    • Deputy Chief of Police and Head of Uchiha Clan Loyalists to the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Lord Ironhide Uchiha, summons all Clan Members and those loyal to the leaf to the first Clan Meeting. This one will be open to the public to give an explanation of our future duties, and a way to be transparent with those that arrive. With this meeting I hope to shed light on what is to be expected of the Uchiha Clan located within the Land of Fire. Food and fun will be provided to aspiring Uchiha and guests that arrive. A Fun little PVP session will be held and gifts will go to the best performers, whether they be Genin or even all the way up to Jonin. This event will be held publicly in the Training Grounds Sunday (September 25th) at 6pm EST, 10pm Server time. This will also be used as an open forum to allow you to ask questions that you have concerning the Leaf Police Force. I look forward to all the new faces. To a Prospering Future, The Uchiha Clan, Land of Fire, and the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Thank you. List of Rewards for PVP Performance: 1st Place: 1 Pet-2 One-Handed T1 Weapons-Stack of 5 Food- One Cosmetic Item-50 Ryo 2nd Place: 1 Pet- 1 T1 Weapon- Stack of 5 Food- One Cosmetic Item- 20 Ryo 3rd Place: 1 Pet- 1 T1 Weapon- One Cosmetic Item- 5 Ryo     Reminder: This Event is open to EVERYONE, not just Hidden Leaf Uchiha.
    • Hey milan, please open a ticket in our Discord (https://www.discord.gg/ShinobiStory) and we'll be happy to help!
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