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    • 7/3/2022   Notekeeper: Nari Fujisawa     Today was simply a general meeting with only one rather recent item on the agenda. Lord second welcomed any of us to take the center, an opportunity which the Hyuuga pair of Lord Hizashi and Elder Geo took.    Lord Hizashi proceeded to explain his absences from the meetings. He reports of an intruder inside of Notchi city, a strong lightning user that has attacked the lord’s sister. Fortunately she was strong enough to fight him back herself. After proving she was a match the intruder disappeared, leaving behind some feathers. They whispered something among each other, however I wasn’t quite sharp enough to catch it.    Lord Second noted the Hyuuga duo’s point, however reminded them that as it occurred in Notchi city it was outside of the jurisdiction of the village as discussed in a meeting several weeks ago. As a result, the Hyuuga clan will seemingly have to resolve this issue on their own. Elder Geo agreed with Lord Second’s judgment and merely wished to report the situation, however the tone in his voice raised a few alarm bells for myself. I have a suspicion not quite all is what it seems with this report.    Lady Uchiha had nothing to report herself, however expressed if she came across any information she would pass it along. The Hyuuga duo seemed to appreciate this offer. As nobody else elects to share anything, Lord Second himself takes the center stage, proposing to hold another clan leading vote this time for adding leaders of the Inuzuka and Senju clan to the council. Lady Uchiha mentioned a Sarutobi representative was needed as well which Lord Second agreed with.    Lord Ryu and I asked who would step in and how long term limits would be held for respectively. Evidently Senji Daitaro and Inuzuka Flow will likely step up however nobody from the Sarutobi was a clear candidate. There will be no term limits as long as Lord Second remains in power as well, as shorter terms would evidently breed backstabbing and scheming. If a clan leader should ever become incapable of sustaining office they will be replaced however. A new, larger area shall be designated for these meetings as well to accommodate a larger population as well. Lord Second then proceeded to address the alliance proposed in last week’s meeting. More specifically conditions to follow in order to receive aid from the Leaf. Evidently, a letter will be sent in the future to each of the clan leaders in regards to participating in the alliance.    I asked Lord Second for a copy of the letter as well which he happily provided. Furthermore, he offered me a more permanent position on the counsel and even a salary for the work. I very much appreciate this offer and graciously accepted it. A copy of the letter will be archived in the library for further reference.    As the meeting proceeded, Lady Uchiha brought forth a few questions. Namely, “Is the alliance centered around clans?” “Does your proposal have anything to do with Lord Hyuuga’s request?” And “What is Interference defined by?” This alliance should extend to any fighting force wishing to be legitimized within the Land of Fire. After a short silence however, Lord Second did not have an answer for the latter two questions that he was willing to give. He did proceed to clarify that this alliance was an optional one, describing it as a pact of non-aggression.    The mixing of the terms “Alliance” and “Non-aggression pact” seemed to spark some uncertainty between the Head of the Uchiha Clan and Lord Second. Specifically in the cases of the sovereignty of the clans as well as the possibility of legitimizing organizations outside of clans. Hopefully the letter to be sent out soon will address these concerns, as I’m rather confused on a few of the details myself as well. A copy of this letter will be added to the archive as well when it arrives. With this, the meeting was Adjourned. 
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    • I need the founders era armor like I need air to breathe, tbh. I'd also love to see miscellaneous customization like tattoos if possible (or maybe this is something that needs to wait for the model revamp?). Having the clan tattoos would be amazing.
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