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There is a mission I must ask of you - we must spread the word to new players! Imagine if our ninja world had 200 active players, nonstop Battlegrounds, Raiding Orgs, Multiple Villages, and many more people to befriend... this can all be possible if we join together this holiday season to spread our love for our game & community in a special Video Trailer Contest


ae52778151fdc93a2ac84432a7aad7a2.png 22900fa27ceff856582cfea97829e457.jpg



1x Amazon Gift card ($250)

1x KEHASUK Collector's Edition NARUTO Chibi Poster [18x24 in.]

3000x Gold Koban 






1x Amazon Gift card ($50)

1x KEHASUK Collector's Edition Dragonball Z Chibi Poster [18x24 in.]

3000x Gold Koban 




1x Hunter-Nin Complete Set

3000x Gold Koban 

2x Pet Tokens



-  DEADLINE: FEB 1, 2023  -


RULES: 5 entries accepted per submitter, meaning players can submit ap to 5 videos for entry maximum. The video must be about Shinobi Story & ideally act as a trailer or advertisement to help new players discover and try us out. 🙂 The videos with the top 3 viewcounts will be deemed the winners, or if production quality is extremely astounding, then viewcount may be outranked. 

Entries cannot be Shorts, and must be at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length. The videos must not contain profanity, because they will be cross-posted on the main Youtube channel for the game and put into a public playlist. 

This could really help us bring some new friends to our game and community, and I am excited and hopeful we can really being 2023 with a bang! 🙂


TO ENTER: Paste your video here


Thank you for your support and encouragment,

Vlad & Shinobi Story

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