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Konoha Council Meeting Notes

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Notetaker: Nari Fujusawa

Attendance: Alther, Havu, Charli, Kameko, Iron, Kuroie, Kiera, Charli, Nari

Konoha Council meeting, 9/18/22

    Lord Second welcomed us to this official meeting of the Konoha Council, especially those of us who were new to these gatherings. Kameko Akimichi, Iron Uchiha, and Kuroie Uzumaki, each of them new appointees to the council representing each of their clans. To further their introductions, Lord Second asked each of them to state their goals regarding their clan.

Uchiha: Introducing himself as Sgt. Iron “Mall Cop” Uchiha of the Leaf Police Force, stated that his first goal is to address the rogue group BLB’s killing of leaf genin diplomatically and, if or when that fails, to bring them to justice. In addition, he mentioned taking up the mantle of Deputy Chief to better assist Chief Zoogie. He also made it his task to take up recruitment for the Leaf by guiding new academy students through their new life as shinobi.

Akimichi: Lady Akimichi expressed her thanks for the Akimichi’s position on the council and seemed to be regretful to say that she was the only Akimichi to make her mark on the world. Nevertheless, she stated that her goal as a clan is to bring food to all Leaf shinobi as well as Allies and even Neutral organizations. In addition, along with the shinobi academy, she’s taken up duty to host classes for all shinobi, newbie and veteran alike. Finally, she mentioned her wedding with Kenny Sunakoya of Sunagakure, hoping this could lead to a future alliance.

Uzumaki: Lord Uzumaki was the final one to speak up, confessing the former lady didn’t really leave him much of a legacy to go on. He did state his own personal goals to bring fairness to the land of fire and pledged to get the Uzumaki clan to side with this notion. He lamented the small size of his clan for just a moment before promising to try and gather his people and talk with them before the next meeting.

On one final note, Lord Second declared that a cease fire has been declared with the people of the hidden rain… only for it to be broken by one of Akari’s former mercenaries turned rain shinobi, Jinsoh. Lord Second asked the council how we should proceed with these matters.

After some discussion, it was agreed that Lord Second representing the leaf along with an Anbu operative would go speak to Tidus representing the leaf along with Lady Akimichi as a neutral party and myself as a scribe would go to speak with Tidus on this matter. I pray that it turns out for the best. 

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Notetaker: Nari Fujusawa

Attendance: Alther, Havu, Charli, Kameko, Iron, Kuroie, Kiera, Nari, Geo, Zabuzasuage, Lupa

Konoha Council meeting, 9/25/22

    Getting right down to business, the first order of business is the addressing of the empty slots in the counsel as several of them decided to follow Kinito on his mission. These individuals who followed Kinito being Riamu Senju, Koshiro Ryu, and Rikka Uzumaki, the former two representing their respective clans and the latter representing the medical department. After some discussion, we agreed that the last Sunday of every third month will be a new clan head election. In addition, the previously mentioned people will be removed from their positions for inactivity.

    Next Sunday, the normal counsel meeting will be going on vacation and in its stead konohagakure will be hosting a masquerade ball in the park on that day. Anbu masks will be allowed to be worn by non anbu on that day and formal wear is encouraged. Hopefully this will be a delightful start to the autumn season. 

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