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Village Mastery System

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I offer to add "Village Mastery Tokens" , they shall work like bloodline mastery token , you can recive Village Mastery Token only once and only in 1 Village (or reset it with reset scroll) and you can choose one of the special mastery from each village . And I offer to delete all connected to Konoha skills from base masteries(like rasenshuriken in wind , etc...). So you can choose 1 clan or special mastery from any village + 2 general mastery 

Also I have written all special masteries from 5 biggest villages(that was in anime and games) and all special skills of each mastery: 

Hidden Mist:
-Yuki Clan(Ice Mastery):
·Ice Spikes: player makes ice spikes and throw it to enemy and deal physical damage
·Freezing: player put a freezing effect on enemy that reduce movement and jutsu casting speed by 50%
·Iced Wepon: player freez his weapon so it deals not only physical but spell damage too
·Snowball: player send a snowball(like a fireball) into enemy that deals huge damage and reduce movement speed
·Ice Line: player makes a line of ice on the ground that follow enemy untill it catch him and after it catch it summon ice spikes from the ground that deals physical damage
·Ice Armor: player cover himself with ice that reduce reciveble damage by 30% for 10 seconds
·Hellish Ice Mirrors: summon ice mirrors around enemy in reflection enemy can see caster , it deals physical damage every 5 seconds for 20 seconds

-Hozuki Clan(Hydrogefication jutsu):
·Soap Bubbles: player summon soap bubbles that fly into enemy and deals magic damage
·Hydrogefication: Hydrogefication is main ability of Hozuki Clan when player use this jutsu he transform into water form and dont feel physical damage for 10 seconds
·Arm Hydrogefication: with Hydrogefication skill player makes his arms bigger now player deals on 20% more physical damage
·Hozukis Water Pistol: player concentrate his  chakra on his fingers and water bullets flies from his fingers and deals huge magic and physical damage
·Water Demon: player can transform into water demon(water covers player) and recive +5% to max hp and physical damage every 5 seconds but it takes a lot of chakra
·Steam Tyrant: player send a water clone into enemy if it tocuh enemy than it would explode and deal a lot of damage
·Summing Giant Clam: player summon giant clam so enemy cant see player for 5 seconds but player can cast any skills at enemy or just hit him

-Boiling Mastery:
·Unrivalled Power: player use his boiling style to make boil his chakra and make his attacks faster and stronger , +20% to hit speed and power
·Masterful Mist Jutsu: player send mist from his lungs so it takes territory and everyone who gets into it would get magic damage
·Reactive Fist: player hits enemy with his fist and sending steam from his fist so enemy recive both physical and magic damage

Hidden Sand:
-Kazekage Clan(1 path is typical sand path , 2 path is metal sand path with magnetism abilities):
1 path:
·Sand Shield: player makes sand shield around him and reduce 100% of damage from 1 attack
·Sand Bullet: player send a sand bullet that deals magic and physical damage
·Sand Hands: player surrounds the hands with sand that increase physical damage for 50%
·Sand Wave: player send a wave of sand that deals physical damage and reduce movement speed by 50%
·Sand Armor: player surriunds himself with a sand that creates an armor that reduce 30% of damage for 2 minutes
·Burial of a Sandfall: player surrounds enemy with a sand after that compresses his enemy deals a lot of physical damage
·Sand Rain: player summon sand droplets from the sky that damage everyone in affected area
2 path:
·Magnetic Spike: player send a magnetic spike 
·Magnetic Tag: if player put this mark on enemy than next magnetic spike will fly right in to the target 
·Magnetic Waves: player send his magnetic waves to enemy to unarm enemy for the rest of the battle
·Magnetic Hook: player hooks enemy to him because there are ferum in blood so it can be hooked with magnetic waves
·Magnetic Sword: if enemy would be close enough to player he can cast this skill that pierces anybody with a sword of magnetic sand(to use this skill player should wear at least 1 sword)
·Magnetic Wings: player form wings from his magnetic sand after that he flies up and send AoE attack of magnetic spikes 
·Universe of Magnetic Sand: player creates big square and big cone of metalic sand after that he pushes them into each other and because of magnetic pole they create a huge to create a giant sphere of branching spikes, shaped like a crystal web of iron needles they stun everyone in affected area and deals huge damage 

-Puppeteer Mastery(Puppets control skills)

-Heat Mastery:
·Hot Steam Killing Technique: player summon heat ball that fly near hin and if enemy attacks him enemy would recive magic damage
·Heat Wave: if enemy comes close to player he would feel hot flow of players chakra so his movement speed and attack power would reduce 
·Heat Cage: player summon huge cage made of hot wind so he cand run away without taking magic damage from it

Hidden Stone:
-Kamizuru Clan:
·Bee Bombs: bees with bombs on them flying to the target and explode there
·Bee Honey: bees flying to target(spawned like bugs from LoW) and deals damage , if players kills them , they will drop honey that reduces movement speed by 100% for 5 seconds
·1000 Bee Spikes: bees are throwing stingers at enemy that deals physical and poison damage
·Bee Shield: bees are covering player around like a shield and reduce all damage from 1 attack 
·Bee Larvae: player throw bee's larvae at enemy and larvae suck 10% of your health and 20% of your chakra for 20 seconds
·Bee Ball: player throw a huge ball of bees if it gets enemy it gives poison effect that deals poison damage for 10 seconds
·Bee Cage: bees circle enemy in like a ball , movement speed reduces for 100% and deals physical damage for 4 seconds

-Explosive Mastery(making explosive clay like Deidara)

-Dust Mastery(Oonokies abilities)

Hidden Cloud:
-Chinoike Clan(Ketsuryugan abilities):
·Ketsuryugan: player gets ability to activate Ketsuryugan that increase genjutsu damage resist on 50%
·Ketsuryugan Boost: Ketsuryugan owner can controll blood so he makes his blood flow faster and gets + 20% speed and physical damage boost
·Bloody Needles: Ketsuryugan owner makes a cut on his arm that reduce 10% of his health and transform his blood into bloody Needles that he throw into enemy and deal physical damage
·Blood Control: Ketsuryugan owner control enemies blood and makes its flow go slower that reduece movement speed on 60% and deals damage for 1o seconds
·Human Bomb: Ketsuryugan owner takes control on enemies blood and makes it go out from enemies body that deal huge damage but it also deals damage to Ketsuryugan owner because he use his Ketsuryugan on 100%
·Blood Gidra: if Ketsuryugan owner stays near water(lake , river , sea , etc) he can summon blood gidra(but lose 20% of hp)that flies into enemy(like a dragon flame jutsu) 8 times and deals physical damage
·Ketsuryugan genjutsu: Ketsuryugan owner use his congenital talent for genjutsu to put enemy in one of the strongest genjutsu it deals genjutsu damage every 5 seconds to get out from it player must destroy genjutsu barries with his attacks and jutsu , barrier has 120k hp(in genjutsu player gets -60% of movement speed)

-Raikage Mastery:
·Lighning mode of chakra flow: blue chakra appears around a player when you activate this jutsu he gets +50% to movement speed and +25% to defense for 30 minutes
·Straight Lightning: player flies to enemy dealing physical damage and stun it for 5 seconds(only with Lighning mode of chakra flow on)
·Thunder Bomb: player grabs enemy and hit it on the floor and sending lightning through enemies body at the same time so it deals physical and magic damage(only with Lighning mode of chakra flow on)
·Guillotine Fall: player jump in the air after that hit enemy with his leg and deals damage both to enemy and player(only with Lighning mode of chakra flow on) 
·Lightning Body Flicker: player can teleport to any nearest player and stun it at the same time in low range(only with Lighning mode of chakra flow on)
·Lariat: player flies to enemy and hit it into neck and knockbacking player(only with Lighning mode of chakra flow on) 
·Compressing Lightning Cut: player hits enemy with its hand and sendind lightning through enemies body(only with Lighning mode of chakra flow on)

-Black Lightning(second path for lightning style, only for cloud village):
·Lightning Style: Dark Panther: user send a dark lighning panther(like lightning fang from lightning mastery) that deals magic damage
·Lightning Style: Dark Lightning Ball: player summon lightning ball that he send in front of him and if it hits target it explode dealing magic damage and stun enemy
·Lightning Style: Dark Thunder: player summon storm clouds that summon 5-10 lightnings that deal AoE damage

-Storm Mastery:
·Lazer Circus: player sand a lot of lightnings into enemy that deals magic damage , this spell can be stopped by moving
·Light Fang: player send a lightning beam from his mouth , cast speed is instant and deals magic damage
·Turbulence: cloud appears over players head and steals chakra from nearest enemy and gives it to player , also send lightning into enemy every 5 seconds , cloud would disappear in 1 min 
·Lightning Wave: player summon a lightning ball on the floor and it send lightning beams to every enemy around it so its ideal skill for both atack and defence too
·Lightning Explosion: player releases a lot of storm nature chakra so lightnings cover him and makes a huge ball arround player , everyone who gets into it would be stunned and would recive massive damage , its also damage caster too

Hidden Rain:
-Paper Mastery(Konan abilites):
·Paper Suriken: player creates a paper full of chakra after that he throw it into enemy because of chakra in suriken it feels much hevier and stronger , deals magic and physical damage
·Paper Bomb Jutsu: player creates a paper full of chakra but with explosive seal so when it gets target it would explode and deal magic damage
·Paper Disk: player combine his papers and than throw it , because of huge speed of paper disk it makes deep wounds dealing magic damage
·Paper Wings: player creates paper wings that make him fly for some time and he can attack from the sky 
·Paper Typhoon: player creates a huge tornado that blows enemy into the air and than deal magic damage in the sky
·Paper Servants Dance: player transform his body into paper so he can evade 1 attack and appear at any point in 20 meters
·Paper Burial: player surrounds enemy with his paper so enemy cant move and after that player creates long paper spikes that pierce through enemy dealing magic and physical damage

Also sorry for my English , I'm from Ukraine so dont know English perfectly

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