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Login problem

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Hello, you have main website: https://shinobistory.com/

Which dont have any register button, which is confusing for new players.


So i went to forum and created account.

I've tried to login in game using login/email but they didn't work.


I cant click on Close i have to press ESC and then Close button.


And here another error, which i think you should change "blizzard"  ^ ^.

My login/password didnt work on main site https://shinobistory.com/ as well.

You should also add information to UI which credentials you should put in.



Here i am not able to login to game, and thats how you lose on new players.

So my question is how do i login in to this game?


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I finnaly managed to login, i had to made new account(i bounced from register button from launcher) and i landed on https://shinobistory.com/register which should have its own button on site.

After login i've been welcomed by low fps, so i've tried to change setting to low, but my game crashed(it crashes everytime i change video settings)



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really how to login to this game, i tryed everything u all saying but its not working, everytime the blizzard popup.

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On 7/31/2022 at 2:49 PM, 100lixou100 said:

Would like to note that this only changes your password on the website and not ingame. Unfortunately, we have no way of changing peoples passwords at this time — that's why we're updating the website.

If your username and password don't work ingame there's one of two reasons; your password is either really long, or includes special characters that can't be used. Until these issues are fixed, @irksoy, you'll need to make a new account with a password that doesn't go against the previous 2 restrictions.

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