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Genjutsu thoughts and Notes

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Suggestion: Some changes to the Genjutsu tree

-from what i have gathered from playing genjutsu as a genin it has some problems
1-Mindspikes Technique
mindspikes doesn't really... do anything. its a 23s CD that does nothing for 7s then does a very small amount of dmg

my suggested solution = Make it do something other than dmg after 7s (like a silence or interrupt) OR get rid of it and replace it with a polymorph-esq ability and increase the cd to like 50s

2- Chakra destruction jutsu
This feels like it should not be in the genjutsu tree, Other than that I like the ability

my suggested solution = Remove it and replace it with a clone jutsu ability
            - maybe like mirror image from wow
            - or like a second substitution jutsu but it send a clone forward
            - or a ground targeted clone placed that takes aggro from surounding enemies and drops it from you

    + if you keep it in the game it should probably be on the hyuuga tree or the uzumaki tree as a sort of sealing technique
    + if you keep it in the game give enemies chakra because otherwise it does basically no dmg and is not work casting.

3-Sensory disruption technique
It is the best damage dealing ability for the tree, however it doesn't work on elite mobs. which makes bossing really tough
especially since the main strength of genjutsu is not useable on it

my suggested solution = make the dmg aspect of the ability work on bosses OR remove the damage aspect completely, give it an effect like.. blindness (increase miss chance for a short amount of time)
            and up the damage of the other damaging abilities

I think all the other abilities are in a good place, however if they do dmg please allow the dmg aspect to hit bosses that are immune to their effects, if not i would just recommend removing the dmg aspect of them entirely

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Turns out it looks like mindspike does do damage during the rotation, but its pretty abysmal, The original concept inst bad it should just be more damage at the end of 7s plus an effect

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Posted (edited)


I honestly would be fine with genjutsu only having like 1 dmg ability and the rest do some debuff or cc etc. like make mind flame proc every 1 or 2 s and thats all you need. you can have mindpikes silence after 7 s and do no dmg, have SDT give a blind effect for the duration and maybe slow and remove the dmg from all the other abilities

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I changed my mind

4- Visions from hell is not too bad, though it makes it so you can't cast sensory SDT on the target, because it says a more powerful effect is already in place, so SDT being your best dmg and flash pillar being impossible to hit in pvp makes it almost impossible to set up anything while they are feared. 

5- Flash pillar should be instant cast, an ability with a 3s cast time should not have suck a long CD. it's useless in pvp, though not bad in pvp, i don't see why it should need a 3s cast time.

I still stand behind only having 1 dmg ability for Genjutsu, i actually really like the zoom in that SDT does and i think its a unique effect, so it should probably stay, but maybe also increase miss chance when its used, so they can't just use a charge ability on you after you cast it and then the zoom become moot.



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