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We will be doing a sort of reset on who is welcome on runs and there will be NO more blanket blacklisting of orgs for the actions of one or several org members. This means if person #1 in <DingDong> guild is camping new players, but someone else in <DingDong> guild is not, person #2 is not barred from runs.

Who isn't allowed in, what gets people removed;

- Don't PVP people that participate in the group.
- People harassing other players will not be tolerated.
- People who gank lowbies (sub-30) are not welcomed.
- Ganking the run will get people barred from participation.

Loot rules;

Use 'need' if you really need something.
Use 'greed' if you'd like to have it but it isn't urgent (scroll for mastery you may not pick, etc).

[In WoW, if 2 people roll need on something and 3 greed, priority is given to people who NEED it, hence need or greed, and only the people who need on it are taken into consideration. If no one rolls need on an item, then secondary roll priority goes to the people who greeded on it.]

VC rules;

- We will be using the main SS discord during runs. Standard community rules apply.

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