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so i just got back to game and not even 2 mi nute in it this guy comes to remind me not to safespot i mean ok the guards are nerfed etc etc but why cant i use the movejump trees etc whatever its annoying to play caster like this tbh limits my movement freedom and such i allrdy outskill the mob 1v1 whats the big deal can this get fixed ty back to another break i guess untill it does or some cba getting banned by some newbie gm i never seen before vlad do somethign bout diz 

i am respectfull walrus played game long time been sharing good skill idea and such if wanna force me play noob again 10 year farm mob sleep repeat and ban me otherwise we problaby got some issues here hard enough as it is for me to level ill meet u at max in arena dont bother me plx ty and let me farm vlads i mean crocs

#vote lify duckshepphard dont nerf the game reyori quit long time ago stop the farm 


if i get banned u kno ,,,, it was danzou and his minions we will play them sometime in eternity soul i guess,

dr who say some bout this shit mon safe katon 😜 

first i cant protect myself establish territory  or the babys want there bottle i mean pvp mode enabled i just show how it works when i see them weird/passove in the brain or some never know where it goes u know  now we got warmode ok my instant 40 got nerfed with guards not like i did it to a boss i cnat solo yet i mean whats the deal now just patch it again if u no want it to happen i guess really but realy cmon arena platforms shinobis trees jumping caster see im getting at here ?  


dont hang on my dick give chidori some slack and use ur own brain for the right way i guess  think about it what is the game without positioning listen to daddy cool, liek where do u draw the line platform pillar or just a circle nothign there if i kite a wolf aroudn a tree thats safespotting ? see i mean people who dont understnd askign to get control is dumb i dont vote for either to much push or turtle its balance which u obtsin with positioni ng  and mroe skill them just blow all ur shit in the circle or we so to say `be happy i tell u what u eant before u even aware of it i guess,


  here not to involve anythign but caster !!!!  we need this vs melee i think,

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