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The feudal lords have a summons to the four corners of the Land of Fire. They want to see the top swordsmen of the nation to see who might claim the title of "Strongest Swordsman of the Land of Fire. Come and give them a show of your skill. The Land of Fire Monks have graciously allowed this to take place at their temple


Saturday May 7th 12pm(noon) CST



Who: All those with kenjutsu mastery(though everyone is welcome to come watch

Where: Fire Monk Temple


The matches:

Everyone will be paired into 1v1 matchups with their level in mind and we will go until a winner is determined via single-elimation brackets

The prizes


Your choice of 1 of the following items


                                            Samehada                 Kabutowari                       Hiramekarei                         Nuibari                Kiba Fangblades        Shibuki Splashblade      Executioners Blade        




15 Golden Koban


Everyone else who enters receives 5 Koban!  :SupportHappy:

Chuunin+ Welcome and all Kenjutsu/X masteries are encouraged to come

Bonus points for not using Crescent moon





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Almost makes me sad I didn’t pick up Kenjutsu.

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