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also can we add arena pains me to see it defiled in this way tbh -_-    suggestions for new spell per mastery ; fireball passive fireball no cd for spam fireball fish for insat dart into stun phoenix kinda only way to spam something i feel that makes sense and with all the smokebobm 30 seccd sub interupts stusn etc immunes kinda want a spam regardless i guess to not scratch my nuts etc balance weirdness g forces whatever  weird flame bullet stun flambretah shiz clunk ok water not to sure not played it from looks of what i see in wind also needs a spam that can actually hti somethign same with gen which prob need soem spell rework as well as well earth can maybe use a blink mage liek cooldown hyuga can get echo of elemnts windfury on casts to equal out with uhciha stats a bit remember uchiha was melee hyuga ranged attac kpwoer or some now uhciha has 35 % haste perma timewarp and no real multistrike stat for hyuga clan in compare good idea for new spell would be the rotation cooldown reduce to match ele shaman wow or some 17.5 sec or balance out with kenjutsu charge more or less few sec diff maybe lightning seems kinda ok maybe i guess the aoe betetr of instant maybe also passive spam lasso or some  uchiha seems ok i guess 😜  saru not sure but kenjutsu charge seems bugged doesnt stun u on spot medic coudl maybe use another layer heal liek a hot or channel or some before goign for the big cools put shield on some1 hardcasting heals i guess genjutsu coudl still be good with the fear into mc to let the dots tick not sur ebotu water burst vs spam but maybe spam and let that spam hit harder on stunned targets are ways to have a mage like playstyle so to say gen coudl be good with alot cc like lock 2 i guess maybe uchiah has spam mc i guess nto sure bout water prison hw this work 

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