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  • Name: Torako
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5’4” (162 cm) 
  • Weight: 144lbs (65 kg) 
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Blue




TorakoTorako.png stands at a rather average 5'4" with a rather athletic build to her. She has a rather pale skin tone and has several large, branching fern-like scars across her body and face.

Her slate black hair is kept cut at around shoulder length and is generally pulled back roughly out of her face. Her eyes are a cool, aqua blue color and her face is somewhat freckled. 


As far as attire goes Torako generally prefers warmer, practical clothes that cover her body scars and generally walks either barefoot or with a pair of sandals. Around her hip she keeps several belt pouches containing throwing weapons such as shuriken or kunai. 






Torako is a rather aggressive, headstrong young woman, both verbally and physically. Generally quick to punch, kick, yell or intimidate her way out of conflict rather than seek out more peaceful resolutions. Combined with her streak of stubbornness, this has earned her quite a few of the scars littered across her body and face. 


Torako is also a rather untrusting person, acting closed and reserved around the majority of people and takes a rather long time to warm up. Once her trust is earned however Torako has also proven to be incredibly loyal as well. 




Torako, along with several other brigands have made a practice of setting up checkpoints along the roads of the land of fire to extort money out of merchants and travelers. They’ve been rather slippery, packing up and leaving well before shinobi arrive at their operation location. Their victims mostly include merchants and well off travelers, usually kept alive for unknown reasons.  


For anyone very savvy in the bounty business, a girl named Yukari Nakamura looks suspiciously like Torako. Yukari has a large bounty put forward by a lesser noble clan from the land of lightning for assassinating their clan head. The bounty description mentions the fern-like scars Torako generally keeps covered up. 

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