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Suggestion: Revert A rank boss buff

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As of patch 33, every A rank boss has been buffed. In a vacuum, this may not be a problem; it was perceived that every build might get a tiny immediate nerf for a long term buff with the new scaling patch. However, there are two problems with this;

1. The buffs have made already difficult bosses extremely inaccessible to the casual playerbase.

2. The boss buffs in tandem with PVP have made boss clears extremely difficult, even for the hardcore playerbase.

The buff that bosses got where their casts can't be interrupted by knockback/knockup anymore, itself, is completely fine. It was very much needed: we could trivialize any boss mechanic that involved casting, but the damage & HP increase as well as the cast time reduction wound up being too much. 15-20man raid groups of 30+ level players struggle.

Compound this with a PVP situation of constant boss warring, and A rank bosses cannot be completed on most days.

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