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v33 tuning feedback

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A/N: This thread is a continuous work in progress until v34 and will be updated periodically as new things stand out.


Some spells shifted around, most notably that fire tornado used to be #1 on DPS chart and is now #8 but their damage has been largely maintained. Its biggest problem is chakra management. Firey havoc does funnily bad amounts of damage for the wind up time it requires (2.7k on average, when fireball is 2.2k average on our top fire DPS players).

Some logs about what stood out to me:

Firey Havoc





Continues to have what feels like 0 dmg outside of pool eruption, while also having extremely heavy chakra costs and very long cast times.




Again, about the same damage as it used to, hard to see the mana cost on this mastery since its abilities are used more defensively by the players in our raid than anything else.


Its damage actually got nerfed by the scaling update, compared to prepatch. Woops. Cutting Tornado Jutsu and Slicing Whirlwind are the only ones doing close to alright, and Slicing Whirlwind still feels very weak.




6-7 seconds of uninterruptible fear is a very long time, and has a tendency to run people straight through SS' custom model buildings and props and get them stuck. The damage on genjutsu seems to be very undertuned.


Has regained some of its former damage, and doesn't struggle as hard with chakra as other masteries, but some abilities like lightning fang seem a bit undertuned.

Lightning fang



Now hard struggling with mana, joining many other masteries, scaling disproportionately with AP instead of SP and providing more AP than it does SP. What felt like a versatile mastery now feels heavily melee skewed thanks to it scaling far more with AP than weapon damage + sharingan only providing strength buff and nothing at all for casters. 35 per second is 1/6 of someones mana in a minute.

Kunai dmg from highest physical attack on the server


Average kunai dmg


My dmg on paralysis which now ironically outdpses kunai



A genin continues to outdps half the raid, lol. Kenjutsu extremely high damage even without significant stats.


And here's an active PVP situation:



In spite of wearing 747 worth of SP cards, damage on senbon is extremely low and healing values are almost the same as prepatch. Chakra Protection is still not worth casting (shielding 1k damage is nothing, and for its mana cost, its especially horrible, the spell needs a rework altogether). I heavily suspect that 'bonus healing' stat is still not working, given that the Slug weapons also don't do anything.

Disarm still feels useless when used on anyone except a 2handing wielding kenjutsu user, since it only disarms the mainhand and weapon equip requirements are practically nonexistent otherwise. I'd consider replacing disarm altogether because it's a PVP spell (does not work in PVE at all) with such niche PVP use that it feels useless. The mana cost on it is also pretty substantial. It could be replaced with a single target root named Body Pathway Derangement.

Mana cost on Chakra Power Transfer is so high that using it on anyone except fire feels utterly pointless. Medical doesn't have enough active abilities to make up for the initial mana cost if the player uses it on themself.


Senbon miss rate remains like 90% lmao


We gained about 40 HPS with patch because the range of the heal was changed.




These fellows have no mana. Byakugan is a hefty cost. Can't comment on the damage because we have 1 hyuuga player and he's fire, so hyuuga damage gets completely buried.

Primary takeaways

Most players feel like they do less damage, with the tuning patch. It feels as though damage was shifted away from jutsu, and lands instead on stats, but we don't have stats okay enough for damage to be at prepatch values. None of the masteries got a buff, most of them are struggling with mana. Dojutsu users are so pressed for mana that they aren't activating what their builds are supposed to revolve around.

Possible solutions: reduce the CD on Chakra Recharge to a minute. The buff is needed to be huge, seeing as several masteries struggle to have mana within 40 seconds into an encounter. Chakra Recharge has counterplay in PVP, so it shouldn't affect PVP balance much, as chakra recharge only restores 30% chakra to someone taking damage and the spell can be interrupted altogether.

Remove chakra per second costs on dojutsu. Ain't nobody playing Uchiha or Hyuuga to not use the primary cool and unique thing about their mastery.

A CC breaker of some kind is also very much needed.






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so earth boulderfist to do less damage than intended if you compare it to lightning cutter i use a 2h weapon to showing this





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sidenote: everyone is horny for sarutobi. just absolutely thirsty for sarutobi. completely starved for it. everyone saw the staff once and they've been going feral ever since. notes about sarutobi soontm since everyone is intent on hardcoring it

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Dragonflame nerf unnecessary, it does too little now.


Flamebreath still op damage-wise. new world record of 8k dmg on me from Kotaki, even after toughness/armor.

please test: how flamebreath reacts to different knockbacks. I think hyuuga rotation works, but my wind gale palm did not knockback


Wind - I don't see that spells have changed to be scaling


Uchiha - mana cost is fine. 25 upkeep is nothing and that was what Byakugan was until it was just now reduced to 20.


uchiha - outstanding utility, decent damage. seems like this is how it should be. if kunai/crows do not scale properly (I cannot confirm), then they should be made to scale.


kenjutsu - killing spree scales too hard or something lol


medical - senbon should not miss as much as it does


hyuuga - no complaint of chakra drain. only rotation scales noticeably, everything else seems unchanged.


general consensus: let's see how everything is with the above addressed, and with scaling fixed/working on every jutsu.


ALSO chakra is not an issue. The current chakra recharge is enough to make you think about what you use, long enough to make you have to delay for 30 seconds to wait for it to be off cd.


Chakra WILL become even less of an issue as cooking has higher buff food unlocked, we get more stats, and we get jounin. I don't see any reason to make it easier

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