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Investigation Report: Port Hachou

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    Before the founding of The Hidden Leaf Village, the shinobi world was rife with conflict. A tumultuous era of war, loss and hardship reigned and engulfed the lands in a swelling chaos. From the ashes of the desecrated villages rose a new generation. It was the brave few who ultimately pushed back the black hand of tyranny that went on to become the forefathers of Konohagakure.

Years have passed, a generation has come and nearly gone, and once more our village is threatened by an old enemy. The shapeless void, able to fit into any shinobi's heart that would abandon their teachings, lingering just beyond our gates. 

    It was on orders from The First that we made the venture to Port Hachou - to investigate a supposed raid on the protected town. The team members assigned were Moody and Aethelm of the Senju Clan, Podra of the Leaf, and Alther of the Uchiha. We arrived at the port to find four individuals, three male and one female. They claimed they had been given permission by The Feudal Lord to install control over the town. Ultimately we were threatened and told to leave. The names and descriptions of these criminals have been recorded within The Bingo Book.

We await further orders,

Teams One and Two

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