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Why I quit after starting Day 1

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1. EXP values at first were awful. It made people quit. EXP values were tuned.

2. Boosters aren't the only thing that matter, they won't magically overwrite progress you've done in regards to leveling.

3. Ryo was given uses. There's a number of outfits and weapons in Yoko that you can buy that are total ryo dumps.

I'm not really sure what you expect(ed) in terms of dev gratitude for having played all that time ago. I played during Alpha 0, when the game didn't even have jutsu yet and all we could do was melee each-other to death. So we quit. The devs went back to the drawing board. Time and time again, that process happens.

The problems you've manifested in your post about the game aren't really things that can be solved. How can players be compensated for having spent time during early alpha? Should rewards be offered for early and bug testing? It sort of comes with the territory of playing a game in an Alpha state. In Alpha, everything is volatile. Things are added, removed, tweaked, broken, fixed, over and over again. Never mind that other players that are in the same position as you don't have the same reservations as you do.

I've had a lot of frustrations with SS over the years. With moderation, with handling, with content rollout, with bugs, with crashes, but the devs worked their absolute asses off. We feedbacked and complained about this and that in discord today — and it got patched. Bear boss overpowered? Fixed. Mob HP retune? Not intended, fixed. Bosses over-buffed? Fixed. When we tried to clear, they came and sat down with us and watched our clears and we delivered our feedback, things changed accordingly. What you want is to unwind the clock, and it simply can't be done. You didn't play for weeks while some players like Okinawa put in 10+ hours a day of grinding. Naturally, you fell behind.

If at any point during that heinous EXP grind you decided you were having a terrible time: why not just write up feedback like other players do, take a step back, and wait?

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I understand how you can be very frustrated with the game but you gotta realize that this is an early alpha... I too am very frustrated at times but what do I do? I make posts on the forums and the discord and I just stop playing. Most of the things that you are complaining about are just results of this not being a completed game yet. things are always changing with every update. If this was a completed game that you had to purchase then yeah, you'd have every right to be pissed off but those 350 hours you played you were essentially beta testing, no one forced you to put in that much time into an early development game. 

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